World Cup Group B: West Indies or Pakistan Who Will Make Way For Ireland

Before the rest day on march 2, Group B has completed half of the matches. With 10 games left, in the first 11 games, India tops the group with 3 wins. While 3 teams are tied on 2 wins and two are tied on 2 points, Group B appears to have two questions, who will top the group between India and South Africa and Who will make way for Ireland between West Indies and Pakistan!!

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Current Situation
West Indies and Zimbabwe have played 4 matches, while Ireland has played only 2 matches and won both. India, South Africa, Pakistan and UAE have played 3 each. India leads with 3 wins. South Africa is tied on 4 points with Ireland and West Indies, but only West Indies need to worry as it has only 2 matches left. Zimbabwe is almost out with only 2 matches left and having won only one match. Pakistan seeks 1992 repeat eying 3 consecutive wins. Just 2 wins may not be enough for them to get ahead of West Indies and Ireland.

Expected Final Position in Group B
India 10

    Based on the current form India can win all the remaining three matches which they play against West Indies, Ireland and Zimbabwe. While Zimbabwe may fall short again, West Indies and Ireland batsmen certainly have the power to test India. India may lose one of these matches.

South Africa 10 points

    On current form, it can certainly win the remaining three matches vs Ireland, Pakistan and UAE and challenge India for the top position.

Ireland 8 points

    On current form, it can win against Zimbabwe and upset either India or Pakistan, losing against South Africa to finish third in the Group.

Pakistan 6 points

    Revival like 1992 is a good dream but tough to turn to reality considering current poor performances in batting and bowling. It can win easily against UAE and a tough game against Ireland, but South Africa is tough nut for them to crack on current form. But, everyone knows Pakistan is the most unpredictable team. Can they repeat even half of 1992?

West Indies 6 points

    West Indies can certainly win against UAE, but to remain clear of Pakistan’s challenge they must win against India too, to reach 8 points. Based on current performances, it appears difficult.

Zimbabwe 2 points

    Based on current performances of last 3 matches, appears Ireland and India will be too hot to handle for Zimbabwe batsmen. They may find it difficult to win any more matches.


    Having already lost 3 matches, despite having much more impressive performances than Scotland of Group A, UAE may find it difficult to win against Pakistan, South Africa or West Indies.

India Holds the Cards for Rest
It is difficult for others to defeat South Africa now. So it leaves only India as the hope for the three probable Ireland, West Indies and Pakistan to decide the remaining two spots for the quarterfinal.

India holds the cards to decide the fate of West Indies, Pakistan and Ireland. Two of them will qualify. Ireland and West Indies know how important a win against India is for them. But if India wins both the matches, then Pakistan stands a good chance to get ahead of West Indies.

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