World Cup Rivalry: India Leads West Indies 4-3

West Indies were the World Champions when India started learning the nuances of ODIs. By 2011, when they last played the tables have turned. Even in World Cup 2015, based on ICC rankings India is clear favorite. Both teams have played very close matches, except the first one in 1979 World Cup and last one in 2011 World Cup. Their close struggles shows their World Cup rivalry at 4-3 in favor of India in the last 7 matches they have played against each other in ODI World Cups. Check the details of all the 7 matches and other statistics from the past World Cup rivalry between them.

World Cup 2015: Schedules and Results

Ind vs WI WC Match Facts

    In the first three World Cups, the invincible West Indies lost only two matches, both to India.
    Maximum Games by Players: 5 Kapil Dev, Desmond Haynes, 4: Vivian Richards, Mohinder Amarnath
    10th wicket partnership of 71 runs between Andy Roberts and Joel Garner in 1st match of 1983 WC.
    Wicketkeepers from both teams have failed in batting.
    Biggest Wins: 9 wicket West Indies, 1979 WC
    80 runs India, 2011 WC
    Highest Totals: Ind 268, WI 282/9
    Lowest Total: WI 140, Ind 183
    100+ Partnerships: 3 (WI 2, Ind 1)


    100s: 2 (Greenidge in 1979, Yuvraj in 2011)


    Most Economic bowling: Malcom Marshall: 11 overs 1/20 with 3 maidens in 1983 2nd match.
    Kapil Dev: 11 overs 4 maidens 1/21 in 1983 Final.
    Best Bowling: 5/51 Rampaul, 3/12 Amarnath

India vs West Indies World Cup Match: Ind 4, WI 3
1st Match, 1979
Captains: S Venkataraghavan (Ind), Clive Lloyd (WI)
Result: WI won by 9 wickets with 8.3 overs remaining)
MOM: Greenidge (106*)
Scores: Ind 190 (53.1), WI 194/1 (51.3)
100/50s: 106 Greenidge, 75 Viswanath
Best Bowlers: 4/33 (12 overs) Holding
100+ Partnerships: 138 1st Greenidge, Haynes

2nd Match, 1983

    Captains: Clive Lloyd (WI), Kapil Dev (Ind)
    Result: India def West Indies by 34 runs
    MOM: Yashpal Sharma
    Scores: Ind 262/8 (60), WI 228 (54.1)
    100/50s: 89 Yashpal Sharma
    Best Bowlers: 3/26 Shastri, 3/48 Roger Binny
    100+ Partnerships: None

3rd Match, 1983

    Captains: Clive Lloyd (WI), Kapil Dev (Ind)
    Result: West Indies def India by 66 runs
    MOM: Viv Richards
    Scores: WI 282/9, Ind 216 (53.1)
    100/50s: 119 Richards, 80 Mohinder Amarnath
    Best Bowlers: 3/40 Holding, 3/71 Roger Binny
    100+ Partnerships: 101 2nd Haynes, Richards

4th Match, 1983 Final

    Captains: Clive Lloyd (WI), Kapil Dev (Ind)
    Result: India def West Indies by 43 runs
    MOM: Mohinder Amarnath (26, 3/12)
    Scores: Ind 183 (54.4), WI 140 (52)
    100/50s: None
    Best Bowlers: 3/32 Andy Robers, 3/12 Amarnath, 3/31 Madan Lal
    100+ Partnerships: None

5th Match, 1992

    Captains: Azharuddin (Ind), Richie Richardson (WI)
    Result: WI def Ind by 5 wkts (D/L)
    MOM: Anderson Cummins
    Scores: Ind 197 (49.4), WI 195/5 (40.2 ov)
    100/50s: 61 Azharuddin, 58* Arthurton
    Best Bowlers: 4/33 Anderson Cummins
    100+ Partnerships: None

6th Match, 1996

    Captains: Azharuddin (Ind), Richie Richardson (WI)
    Result: Ind def WI by 5 wkts
    MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Scores: WI 173 (50), Ind 174/5 (39.4)
    100/50s: 70 Tendulkar
    Best Bowlers: 3/35 Anil Kumble, 3/39 Manoj Prabhakar
    100+ Partnerships: None

7th Match, 2011

    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Sammy (WI)
    Result: India def West Indies by 80 runs
    MOM: Yuvraj Singh
    Scores: Ind 268 (49.1), WI 188 (43)
    100/50s: 113 Yuvraj, 59 Kohli, 81 Devon Sheldon Smith
    Best Bowlers: 5/51 Rampaul, 3/26 Zaheer Khan
    100+ Partnerships: 122 3rd Kohli, Yuvraj

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