India vs Pakistan T20I Record and Statistics

After drubbing in Asia Cup 2016, India leads Pakistan 6-1 in 7 matches with the only win coming for Pakistan in the bilateral series at Ahmedabad. Dhoni has captained India in all the matches, while Pakistan has been captained by Hafeez, and Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi. The only century partnership was added by Pakistan, while B Kumar has the most magical spell. Check complete match statistics and results of all the 6 matches played between India and Pakistan in T20I.

When they met first time in the T20 World Cup, they played a tie in group match and then the final. On both occasions, despite high drama while others failed, despite a good knock Misbah failed on last ball. At Group Stage he scored 53, the highest score of match but got run out on the last ball trying to steal the winning run. In the historical tie of bowl outs, India won 3-0.

In the finals too it was Misbah who brought them close but fell to Joginder Sharma as the last one when India won with 3 balls to spare and emerge as the first World Champion of T20I.

1st T20I
WC 2007

    14 Sept, 2007, Durban: India won by 3-0 in bowl out after Tie.
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Shoaib Malik (Pak)
    Scores: Ind 141/9, Pak 141/7
    MOM: Mohammad Asif (4/18)
    High Scores: Uthappa 50, Dhoni 33, Misbah 53
    Best Bowling: 4/18 Md Asif, 2/20 Irfan Pathan
    Maiden: 1 by Irfan Pathan
    50+ Partnerships: None

2nd T20I
WC 2007

    23 Sept 2007, Johannesburg: India won by 5 runs in the Final
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Shoaib Malik (Pak)
    Scores: Ind 157/5, Pak 152 (19.3)
    MOM: Irfan Pathan ((3/16), 3* runs
    High Scores: Gambhir 75, Rohit Sharma 30*, Misbah 43, Imran Nazir 33
    Best Bowling: 3/16 Irfan, 3/26 RP Singh, 3/28 Umar Gul
    Maidens: 1 by Sreesanth
    50+ Partnerships: 63 2rd Gambhir, Yuvraj

3rd T20I
WC 2012

    30 Sept 2012, Colombo: India won by 8 wickets (18 balls)
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)
    Scores: Pak 128 (19.4), Ind 129/2 (17)
    MOM: Virat Kohli (61-ball 78*)
    High Scores: 78* Kohli, 29 Sehwag, 28 Shoaib Malik
    Best Bowling: 322 Balaji
    Maidens: 0
    50+ Partnerships: 75 2nd Sehwag, Kohli
    54* 3rd Kohli, Yuvraj

4th T20I
Bilateral Series

    25 December 2012 Bangalore: Pak won by 5 wickets (2 balls)
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)
    Scores: Ind 133/9, Pak 134/5 (19.4)
    MOM: Hafeez (44-ball 61)
    High Scores: 61 Hafeez, Shoaib Malik (57*), Gambhir 43, Rahane 42
    Best Bowling: 3/9 in 4 overs (B Kumar), 3/21 Umar Gul
    Maidens: 0
    50+ Partnerships: 106 4th Hafeez, Shoaib Malik
    77 1st Gambhir, Rahane

5th T20I
Bilateral Series

    28 December 2012, Ahmedabad: India won by 11 runs
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)
    Scores: Ind 192/5, Pak 181/7
    MOM: Yuvraj Singh 36-ball 72, 1/23
    High Scores: 72 Yuvraj, 55 Hafeez, 33 Dhoni, 31 Azmal Shehzad
    Best Bowling: 4/37 Umar Gul, 3/36 Dinda
    Maidens: 0
    50+ Partnerships: 0

6th T20I
World Cup

    21 March 2014, Mirpur: India won by 7 wickets
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)
    Scores: Pak 130/7, Ind 131/3 (18.3)
    MOM: Amit Mishra (2/22)
    High Scores: 36* Kohli, 35* Raina
    Best Bowling: 2/22 Amit Mishra
    Maidens: 1 Amit Mishra
    50+ Partnerships: 66* 4th Kohli, Raina
    54 1st Rohit Sharma, Dhawan
    50 4th Shoaib Malik, Umar Akhmal

7th T20I
Asia Cup

    27 February 2016, Mirpur: India won by 5 wickets (27 balls remaining)
    Captains: Dhoni (Ind), Shahid Afridi (Pak)
    Scores: Pak 83, Ind 85/5 (15.3)
    MOM: Virat Kohli (49)
    High Scores: 49 Kohli, 25 Sarfraz Khan
    Best Bowling: 3/8, Hardik Pandya, 3/18 Mohammad Amir
    Maidens: 2 Bumrah
    50+ Partnerships: 68 4th Kohli, Yuvraj

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