1924 Olympics: First Female Member in Indian Olympic Contingent

India participated for the first time in Tennis and N. Polley became the first women to be part of an Indian Olympic Contingent. Thirteen members of Indian team in Athletics and Tennis could not win a medal at Paris, where in 1900” target=”_blank”>1900 India earned first Olympic medals.

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Olympics Statistics

    Venue: Paris, France
    Sports: 126 in 17 sports
    Participating Nations: 44
    Athletes Participating: 3,089 (2,954 men, 135 women)

Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: No Medals
    Flag Bearer: None
    Indian Team: 13 Athletes (12 Male, 1 Female)
    Sports-India: Athletics, Tennis

Athletics: 7 Athletes, 9 events

    James Hall: Round 1 in 100m, 200m
    Will Hildreth: Round 1 in 100m, 200m
    Cheruvari Lakshmanan: Round 1 in Men’s 110 metres Hurdles
    Terence Pitt: Round 1 in Men’s 100m, 200m, Quarter-Finals in 400 metres
    Dalip Singh: 14th in Men’s Long Jump
    Mahadeo Singh: 29th in Men’s Marathon
    Pala Singh: Round 1 in Men’s 1,500 metres, 5000 m, Did not finish in 10,000 m

Tennis: 6 players, 4 events

    Athar Ali Fyzee (40 year): Round 2 Men’s Singles
    Sydney Jacob (44 year): Quarterfinals in Men’s Singles, Round 2 in Mixed Doubles with Polley, Round 1 in Men’s Doubles with Sleem
    Mohammed Sleem (32 years): Round 3 in Men’s Singles, Round 1 in Men’s Doubles with Jacob
    S. M. Hadi (24 year): Round 2 in Men’s Singles, Quarterfinals in Men’s Doubles with Rutnam
    Donald Rutnam (21 year): Quarterfinals in Men’s Doubles with Hadi
    N. Polley (Female): Round 3 in Women’s Singles, Round 2 in Mixed Doubles with Jacob

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