Chess Olympiad 2016 Round 9: Indian women rout Dutch, But Men Fail Again

With just 2 more rounds to go, Indian women needed a huge win and they blanked Netherlands 4-0 to keep their medal hopes alive, while 2nd placed Indian Men sufferred a setback against 3rd placed Ukraine as Round 8 hero Sethuraman lost the match while other three ended in a draw. After Round 9, Indian women have moved to 5th, while Indian Men slipped to 6th.

When Indian Men Reached top
Indian Results for Every Rounds: Women, Men
Daily Results: Open Section, Women’s Section
History of Chess Olympiad: Women’s Section, Open Section

Schedule for Round 10
5th placed Indian Women vs 3rd placed Ukraine
6th placed Indian Men vs 3rd placed Russia

Current Positions in Women’s Section

    16 Points China – Score 26.0
    15 Points Poland – Score 28.0
    14 Points Ukraine – Score 25.5
    14 Points Russia – Score 25.0
    14 Points India – Score 24.0
    14 Points USA – Score 23.0

Current Positions in Open Section

    16 Points USA – Score 26.5
    16 Points Ukraine – Score 24.5
    14 Points Russia – Score 27.0
    14 Points Georgia – Score 23.5
    14 Points Czech Republic – Score 22.0
    14 Points India – Score 23.5

Indian Women’s Team Result of Round 9: def Netherlands 4-0

    Harika (White) def Zhaoqin
    Padmini Rout (Black) def Anne
    Tania Sachdeva (White) def Anna-Maja
    Soumya (Black) def Maaike

Indian Men’s Team Result of Round 9: Lost to Ukraine 1.5-2.5

    Harikrishna, P. (Black) drew Eljanov
    Adhiban, B.(White) drew Ponomariov
    Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi (Black) drew Kryvoruchko
    Sethuraman, S.P. (White) lost to Korbov

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