2017 Premier Wrestling League: Men Wrestlers by Weight and Results

9 wrestlers are participating in one weight category each in the Premier Wrestling League 2017. Every team has one wrestler of one specific weight category. Check who are those Men Wrestlers and how they performed in PWL Edition 2.

2017 Premier Wrestling League: Schedule and Results, Teams and Squads
List of Women Wrestlers and Performances by Weight

Teams: Jaipur Ninjas (JAI), Delhi Sultans (Del), Mumbai Maharathi (Mum), UP Dangal (UP), NCR Punjab Royals (Pun) and Haryana Hammers (HAR)

Statistics of Men Wrestlers

    1. Abdusalam Gadisov Russia (HAR 97 Kg): Won 7 including final
    2. Jabrayil Hasanov (MUM 74 Kg): Won 5 including semifinal
    3. Ilias Bekbulatov (PUN 65 KG): won 4 bouts including semis and final

Lost All

    1. Krishan Kumar India (PUN 97 Kg): Lost 6 bouts including final
    2. Sumit Sehrawat India (HAR 74 Kg): Lost 4 bouts)
    3. Rahul Mann (JAI 65 KG): Lost 3 bouts including semifinal
    4. Utkarsh Kale (JAI 57 Kg): Lost 5 bouts including semifinal

Men Wrestlers by Weight and Their Tournament Performances
97 KG

    Elizbar Odikadze Georgia (JAI): Won (vs PUN, DEL, MUM, UP), Lost (vs HAR, SF HAR)
    Satyavart Kadian India (DEL): Lost (vs JAI, HAR, MUM), Won (vs PUN)
    Reineris Saias Perez Cuba (MUM) Lost (vs HAR)
    Pavlo Oliynik (Mum): Lost (vs JAI), Won (Vs PUN, DEL, PUN SF)
    Mausam Khatri India (UP): Lost (vs HAR, JAI)
    Krishan Kumar India (PUN): Lost (vs JAI, MUM, DEL, HAR, MUM, HAR FINAL)
    Abdusalam Gadisov Russia (HAR): Won (vs MUM, UP, DEL, JAI, PUN, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

74 KG

    Jakob Makarshvili Georgia (JAI): Won (vs PUN, DEL, UP, HAR, SF HAR), Lost (vs MUM)
    Praveen Rana India (DEL): Lost (vs JAI, PUN, MUM), Won (vs UP)
    Jabrayil Hasanov Azerbaijan (MUM): Won (vs HAR, UP, JAI, DEL, PUN SF)
    Tariel Gaprindashvili (UP): Lost (vs MUM, PUN, JAI, DEL)
    Jitendra India (PUN): Lost (vs JAI, MUM SF), Won (Vs DEL, UP, HAR FINAL)
    Sumit Sehrawat India (HAR): Lost (vs Mum, JAI, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

70 KG

    Vinod Kumar Omprakash India (JAI): Won (Vs PUN, DEL), Lost (Vs UP, HAR, SF HAR)
    Bekzod Abdurakhmonov Uzbekistan (DEL): Lost (vs PUN)
    David Tlashadze (DEL): Lost (vs HAR, JAI), Won (vs MUM, UP)
    Pritam India (MUM): Lost (vs PUN, DEL, PUN SF), Won (vs UP)
    Amit Dhankar India (UP): Won (vs HAR, PUN, JAI), Lost (vs MUM, DEL)
    Pankaj Rana India (PUN): Lost (vs JAI, UP, HAR, HAR FINAL), Won (vs MUM, MUM SF)
    Magomed Kurbanaliev Russia (HAR): Lost (vs UP), Won (vs DEL, JAI, PUN, SF JAI, PUN FINAL)

65 KG

    Rahul Mann India (JAI): Lost (vs MUM, UP, SF HAR)
    Bajrang Punia India (DEL): Lost (vs HAR)
    Surjeet Grewal (DEL): Lost (Vs PUN, MUM, UP)
    Vikas India (MUM): Lost (vs HAR, PUN, UP, PUN SF), Won (vs JAI, DEL)
    Andrey Kviatkovski Ukraine (UP): Lost (vs PUN), Won (vs JAI, MUM, DEL)
    Togrul Asgarov Azerbaijan (PUN): Won (vs MUM, DEL)
    Ilias Bekbulatov (PUN): Won (vs UP, HAR, MUM SF, HAR FINAL)
    Rajneesh India (HAR): Won (vs MUM, UP, DEL, SF JAI), Lost (vs PUN, PUN FINAL)

57 KG

    Utkarsh Kale India (JAI): Lost (Vs PUN, DEL, MUM, HAR, SF HAR)
    Erdenebat Bekhbayar Mongolia (DEL): Won (Vs JAI), Lost (vs HAR, UP)
    Pankaj (DEL): Lost (vs PUN)
    Rahul Aware India (MUM): WON (vs HAR, JAI), Lost (vs PUN, UP, PUN SF)
    Amit Kumar Dhaiya India (UP): Lost (vs HAR, PUN), Won (vs MUM, DEL)
    Vladimir Khinchegashvili Georgia (PUN): Won (vs JAI, MUM, DEL, UP, MUM SF, HAR FINAL), Lost (vs HAR)
    Sandeep Tomar India (HAR): Lost (vs MUM, PUN FINAL), Won (vs UP, DEL, JAI, PUN, SF JAI)

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