2018 World Team TT Championships: Indian Men win, Women Lose 3rd Rubber

With 2 more wins from Sharath Achanta Kamal and support from Harmeet Desai Indians won their second match at 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018. After 3 matches played by all 6 teams in Group A, Indian Men’s team is placed third. Indian Women’s team failed to defeat Singapore, whom they recently defeated at Commonwealth Games 2018 on their way to Gold. With 3 losses, they are at the bottom of Group A. Check Day 2 results for India.

2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018: Indian Schedule and Results, Day 1

Men’s Team defeat Poland: 3-2
Sharath Kamal won both matches and Harmeet Desai won the last match of Rubber to give India 3-2 win over Poland.

    Harmeet Desai lost to Jakub
    Sharath Kamal def Pawel
    Sathiyan Gnanasekaran lost to Marek
    Sharath Kamal def Jakub
    Harmeet Desai def Pawel

Indian Women’s Team lost to Singapore 0-3
Madhurika fought hard and Manika was leading but in the end Singapore won in straight matches.

    Madhurika Patkar lost to Tianwei 10-12 10-12 3-11
    Manika Batra lost to Mengyu 10-12 11-8 11-8 5-11 8-11
    Mouma Das lost to Lin Ye 8-11 2-11 5-11

India Men’s team lost to South Korea 0-3

    Harmeet Desai lost to Sangsu 9-11 7-11 11-5 9-11
    Amalraj Anthony lost to Youngsik 7-11 6-11 11-13
    Sanil Shetty lost to Jonghoon 8-11 13-15 11-9 9-11

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