2018 World Team TT Championships: Schedule and Results

Indians have created personal history as for the first time both Men’s and Women’s Teams are participating in World Team Table Tennis Championships. The 2018 World Team TT Championship is being held from April to 6 May 2018 at Halmstad, Sweden. Both teams are placed in Group of 6 where the top 3 can advance to the next round. Check schedule and results of Indian teams and the rules of qualification.

Results for Indians: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Rules: Group topper directly enters Quarterfinals. 2nd and 3rd placed teams to enter Round of 16.

Indian Men Schedule and Results
Group D with France, South Korea, Austria, Croatia and Poland

    Apr 29 vs France – lost 2-3
    Apr 30
    2.30 p.m. vs Poland – won 3-2
    11.30 p.m. vs South Korea – lost 0-3
    May 1 8.30 p.m. vs Croatia – won 3-2
    May 2 11.30 p.m. vs Austria

Rank 13-24
vs TBD

Indian Women Schedule and Results
Group A with China, Sweden, Singapore, Russia and Belarus

    Apr 29
    Vs China – lost 0-3
    Vs Sweden – lost 1-3
    Apr 30 5.30 p.m. vs Singapore – lost 0-3
    May 1
    2.30 p.m. vs Belarus – lost 0-3
    11.30 p.m. vs Russia – lost 1-3

Rank 13-24
vs Luxembourg

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