India@CWG: Indian Medals at 1970 Commonwealth Games

1970 Olympics saw Indians improving their performance from 1966 tally. Wrestlers dominated again with 5 Gold medals and all medals except one Bronze that was won in Triple Jump. Mukhtiar Singh became the first Indian athlete to win two Gold medals at Commonwealth Games. He repeated his Gold medal feat of 1966 CWG as Indians finished 6th with 5 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze.

Medal History of all Games
Indian Contingent and All Squads at 2018 Commonwealth Games


    Ved Prakash (Light Flyweight, Wrestling)
    Sudesh Kumar (Flyweight, Wrestling)
    Udey Chand (Lightweight, Wrestling)
    Mukhtiar Singh (Welterweight, Wrestling)
    Harish Rajindra (Middleweight, Wrestling)


    Sajjan Singh (Light Heavyweight, Wrestling)
    Bishwanath Singh (Heavyweight, Wrestling)
    Maruti Mane (Super Heavyweight, Wrestling)


    Shivaji Bhonsle (Welterweight, Boxing)
    Alexander Navis (Featherweight, Weightlifting)
    Randhawa Singh (Featherweight, Wrestling)
    Mohinder Singh Gill (Triple Jump) 15.90 m

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