India@CWG2018: Day 4 Schedule and Results

Indians are participating in 15 Sports at Commonwealth Games 2018. They are not participating in Beach Volleyball, Diving, Netball, Rugby sevens and Triathlon. Check complete schedule and results of Indian performance on Day 4 of CWG 2018.

Day 4 Report for India

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Indian Contingent and All Squads at 2018 Commonwealth Games
Indian Schedule and Results by Day
Indian Schedule and Results by Sports

Day 4: Apr 8: Schedule and Results for India

    2:30 am Athletics (Men’s 20km walk) Irfan Kolothum Thodi (13th), Manish Singh Rawat (6th)
    4.31 am (Qualification), 7.30 am (Final) Shooting (Women’s 10m Air Pistol) Heena Sidhu, Manu Bhaker – Gold for Manu, Silver for Heena
    4.31 am (Qualification), 11.30 am (Final) Shooting (Women’s Skeet) Saniya Sheikh, Maheshwari Chauhan –
    Women’s Skeet Qualification
    Saniya Sheikh qualifies for finals finishing third. Maheshwari Chauhan finished 8th and failed to qualify.
    4.31 am (Qualification), 11.15 am (Final) Shooting (Men’s Skeet) Smit Singh, Sheeraj Sheikh
    5.02 am Women’s Hockey India def England 2-1
    5.12 am Weightlifting (Women’s 69kg) Punam Yadav – GOLD
    6.00 a.m. Table Tennis Semifinal Indian Women’s Team def England 3-0
    6 am (Qualification), 9 am (Final) Shooting (Men’s 10m Air Rifle) Deepak Kumar, Ravi Kumar – qualified for finals
    7.10 am (1st Heat), 4.23 pm (1st Semi-final) Swimming (Men’s 100m Butterfly) Sajan Prakash – Qualified for semifinals
    7.20 a.m. Mixed Badminton team semifinals – India def Singapore 3-1
    7.30 am-11 am and 2 pm-5.30 pm Boxing Men Preliminary rounds

      7.47 a.m. QF Women’s 45-48 Kg MC Mary Kom def Megan (Scotland) 5-0
      9.32 a.m. Round of 16 Men’s 75 Kg Vikas Krishan def Campbel (Australia)
      2.32 p.m. QF Women’s 69 KG Lavlina Borgohain vs Sandy (England)

    9 am (Final) Shooting (Men’s 10m Air Rifle) Deepak Kumar (8th), Ravi Kumar (BRONZE)
    9.42 am Weightlifting (Men’s 94kg) Vikas Thakur – BRONZE
    11.11 am (Heat 1) Athletics (400m) Muhammed Anas – Qualified for semifinals
    11.30 am (Final) Shooting (Women’s Skeet) Saniya Sheikh – 4th
    12.02 pm Athletics (Shot put) Tajinder Pal Singh Toor – Qualified for final
    1.01 pm Women’s basketball India lost to New Zealand 55-90
    1.02 pm (Qualification), 4.14 pm (Final) Cycling (Women’s scratch race) Amritha Reghunath, Sonali Chang, Manorama Devi
    1.22 pm (Qualification), 2.27 pm (Repechage), 4.34 pm (Final) Cycling (Women Kerin) Deborah Herold, Aleena Reji
    1.37 pm (Qualification), 4.51 pm (Final) Cycling (Men’s 40km Points Race) Manjeet Singh
    2.00 p.m. Table Tennis Team Final Indian Women’s Team def Singapore 3-1 GOLD
    2.12 pm Weightlifting (Women’s 75kg) Seema
    2.37 pm Cycling (1000 m Time Trial) Ranjit Singh, Sahil Kumar
    3.02 pm Men’s Hockey India def Wales 4-3
    4.30 pm Men’s basketball India lost to Scotland 81-96
    4.53 p.m. (Semi-final) Swimming (Men’s 100m Butterfly) Sajan Prakash – 5th (Did not qualify for final)

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