India@CWG2018: Swimming Schedule and Results

Indians are participating in 15 Sports at Commonwealth Games 2018. They are not participating in Beach Volleyball, Diving, Netball, Rugby sevens and Triathlon). Check complete schedule and results of Indian performance in Swimming.

Medal History of all Games
Indian Contingent and All Squads at 2018 Commonwealth Games
Indian Schedule and Results by Day
Indian Schedule and Results by Sports

Swimming Squad
Men: Sajan Prakash, Virdhawal Khade, Srihari Nataraj

    50 m freestyle: Virdhawal Khade
    50 m butterfly: Virdhawal Khade, Sajan Prakash
    100 m butterfly: Sajan Prakash
    200 m butterfly: Sajan Prakash
    1500 m freestyle: Sajan Prakash
    50 m backstroke: Srihari Nataraj
    100 m backstroke: Srihari Nataraj
    200 m backstroke: Srihari Nataraj

Women: Vaishnavi Jagtap, Kiran Tak

    50 m freestyle S8: Vaishnavi Jagtap
    100 m freestyle S9: Kiran Tak

Swimming (Apr 5-10 – 50 events) Medals everyday
Schedule and Results
Apr 5: Day 1

    6.57 am Men’s 50m Butterfly Qualification – Sajan Prakash, Virdhawal Khade
    7.24 a.m. Men’s 100m Backstroke Qualification – Srihari Nataraj
    4.22 p.m. Men’s 50m Butterfly 1st Semifinal – Sajan Prakash, Virdhawal Khade (If qualified)
    4.52 p.m. Men’s 100m Backstroke) 1st Semi-final (If qualified)- Srihari Nataraj

Apr 6: Day 2

    3.07 pm (Final) Men’s 50m Butterfly (if qualified on Day 1) Sajan Prakash, Virdhawal Khade
    5.06 pm (Final) Men’s 100m Backstroke (if qualified on Day 1) Srihari Nataraj

Apr 7: Day 3

    6.45 am (1st Heat), 3.49 pm (1st Semi-final) Swimming (Men’s 50m Backstroke) Srihari Nataraj
    3.07 pm (Final) Men’s 200m Butterfly Sajan Prakash

April 8: Day 4

    7.10 am (1st Heat), 4.23 pm (1st Semi-final) Swimming (Men’s 100m Butterfly) Sajan Prakash
    5.01 pm (Final) Swimming (Men’s 50m Backstroke) Srihari Nataraj

April 9: Day 5

    6.01 am (1st Heat), 3.07 pm (Final) Men’s 200m Backstroke Srihari Nataraj
    6.43 am (1st Heat), 4.07 pm (1st Semi-final) Men’s 50m Freestyle Virdhawal Khade
    5.29 pm Swimming (Men’s 100m Butterfly) Sajan Prakash

Apr 10: Day 6

    4.23 pm Swimming (Men’s 1,500m Freestyle) Sajan Prakash
    3.15 PM (Final) Men’s 50m Freestyle Virdhawal Khade

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