Hockey World Cup 2018: Can Malaysia Upset Germany to Avoid Elimination?

Malaysia plays 2-time World Cup champion Germany in Round 3 of Pool D at Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018. In the Group of Death, 6th seed Germany has already defeated 3-time champion 4th seed Netherlands and 4-time champion 13th seed Pakistan. On the other hand, 12th seed Malaysia is in a must win situation to avoid elimination. Asian Games Runners up has 1 point from 2 matches but a goal difference of -7, 6 more than that of Pakistan. To avoid elimination, it needs a win against rampant Germans, who need a point to seal quarterfinal spot from Pool D. With a draw, Malaysia can avoid elimination only if Pakistan loses to Netherlands. Malaysia has only played once before in World Cup.

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2014 was one of the worst performances from Asian teams. Pakistan did not participate. India finished 9th, South Korea 10th and Malaysia finished 12th. Check Malaysian performance at its last 7 appearances at Men’s Hockey World Cup.

Appearing in their 8th World Cup, Malaysia have a tough challenge ahead to equalize their best two finish of 4th in 1975 and 8th in 2002. Today, they must defeat Germany to enter crossover. A draw may not help unless Pakistan loses against Netherlands.
Since making debut in 1973 World Cup, Malaysia has won 10 matches, drawn 9, lost 29, scoring 61 goals and conceding 127 goals


    1973 11th
    won 2, draw 1, lost 4, GF 6, GA 14
    1975 4th
    won 2, draw 2, lost 1, GF 6, GA 4
    1978 10th
    won 1, draw 2, lost 3, GF 7, GA 10
    1982 10th
    won 0, draw 1, lost 5, GF 7, GA 18
    1998 11th
    won 1, draw 1, lost 5, GF 9, GA 29
    2002 8th
    won 4, draw 1, lost 4, GF 17, GA 18
    2014 12th
    Lost 6, GF 8, GA 26

Appearing in all 14 editions, Germany have entered semifinals for the maximum events. In 2018, also with 6 points they are already safe to enter next round, but need at least a draw to seal quarterfinal spot. As they play Malaysia, they may become second team after Australia to win all three group matches.

In 2014, last three time finalist Germany finished 6th, while Malaysia finished last, 12th losing all 6 matches.
1975 3rd place West Germany def Malaysia 4-0

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