ODI World Cup Semifinals: Records of All Teams

By the 13th edition of Men’s ODI World Cup, New Zealand and Australia have reached the maximum number of semifinals, while India is not far behind. 6 teams have played in all 13 editions. South Africa is the only team which is still awaiting a win in their last four semifinals in the ODI World Cup despite reaching the semifinals more than once. Check the statistics related to the semifinals.

Teams in Semifinals of 13 editions

1975: West Indies, Australia, England, New Zealand
1979: West Indies, England, Pakistan, New Zealand
1983: India, West Indies, England, Pakistan
1987: Australia, England, India, Pakistan
1992: Pakistan, England, New Zealand, South Africa
1996: Sri Lanka, Australia, India, West Indies
1999: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa
2003: Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya
2007: Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa
2011: India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan
2015: Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa
2019: England, New Zealand, India, Australia
2023: India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Teams Reaching Maximum Consecutive Finals

4 Australia (1996, 1999, 2003, 2007)
3 West Indies (1975, 79, 83),
2 England (1987, 1992), Sri Lanka (2007, 2011), New Zealand (2015, 2019)

Maximum Semifinal entry

9 Australia, New Zealand
8 India
6 England, Pakistan
5 South Africa
4 West Indies, Sri Lanka
1 Kenya

Maximum Consecutive Semifinals

5 England (1975-1987), New Zealand (2007-2023)
4 Pakistan (1979-92), Australia (1996-2007), India (2011-2023)
3 Sri Lanka (2003-2011), Australia (2015-2023)

Interesting Facts about Semifinals of the last 12 ODI World Cups

England, New Zealand and South Africa have been dominant in reaching the semifinals. But they have just one title among them.

  1. Kenya is the only non-test-playing nation to enter a semifinal.
  2. New Zealand is yet to win a final despite reaching the final twice.
  3. New Zealand has reached the maximum semifinals, along with Australia.
  4. South Africa has never reached the finals.
  5. Maximum consecutive semifinals have been played by England and New Zealand.

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