Archery at London Olympics: Facts and News

Starting as the first game of Olympics on Day 1, Archery has 4 competitive events, 2 each for Men’s and Women’s. Here are some interesting facts about Archery at London Olympics.

Day 1 Report for Archery
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Dates: July 27-Aug 3
Venue: Lord’s Cricket Ground
Competitors: 64 each in Men’s and Women’s event
Events: Men’s and Women’s Individual, Men’s and Women’s Team (All Recurve Events)

Time in IST

    Day 1, Jul 27 from 13:30-19:30, Ranking Round (Men and Women)
    Day 2, Jul 28 from 13:30-23:30, Team Medal Round (Men and Women)
    Day 3, Jul 30 from 13:30-22:10, 1st and 2nd Round (Men and Women Individual)
    Day 4, Jul 31 from 13:30-22:10, 1st and 2nd Round (Men and Women)
    Day 5, Aug 1 from 13:30-23:30, 1st and 2nd Round (Men and Women)
    Day 6, Aug 2 from 13:30-20:50, Quarter/Semis/Medal (Women Individual)
    Day 6, Aug 3 from 13:30-20:50, Quarter/Semis/Medal (Men Individual)

Ranking Rule:
64 archers shoot 72 arrows to get seeded in Men’s and Women’s event both.
Teams seeded 1-12, with top four teams getting bye in the first round.

All events based on knock-out format. Semifinal losers play for Bronze.


    Best of 5 sets, with 3 arrows per set. 2 points to winner, 1 each for draw.
    Single arrow shoot for tie-braker after 5 sets.


    Each match has 24 arrows from each team. Each member takes 8 shots.
    3 arrow shoot to decide tie-braker.

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