Archery World Championships: India Wins Gold, Silver and Bronze

Shanghai, China: The 4th stage of the Archery World Championships 2010 proved lucky for India when their 16-member contingent of archers won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 bronze to finish joint 3rd in the list of 37 participating nations. In the process the winners booked berth for the Edinburgh 2010 Archery World Championships.

Indian Contingent for World Championships Stage 4
India in Archery World Championships 2010

    Gold Winner: Men’s Team Recurve (Rahul Banerjee, Tarundeep Rai and Jayanta Talukdar)
    Silver Winner: Women’s Individual Recurve (Deepika Kumari)
    Bronze Winner: Men’s Individual Recurve (Jayanta Talukdar)

The Path to Medals
Gold: Men’s Team Recurve
Rahul Banerjee, Tarundeep Rai, Jayanta Talukdar
Indian team (ranked 3 by FITA at the World Level)

    Final def Japan
    SF def China
    QF def USA (RAnk 1)
    Pre-QF def Great Britain
    Qualification Round: Rank 2 Score 2030
    Rahul Banerjee: 672
    Tarundeep Rai: 674
    Jayanta Talukdar: 684

Silver: Women’s Individual Recurve (83 participants)
Deepika Kumari score 674

    Final lost to Bae Bo Ki (Korea score 673) 1-7
    SF def Ju Hui Wu (Taipei) 6-0
    QF def Khatuna Lorig (USA) 6-5
    Pre-QF def Yunlu Zhang (China) 4-2
    2nd Round Rosenvinge Christiansen (Denmark) 4-2
    1st Round def Veronika Schalova Haidn (Germany) 4-0

Bronze: Men’s Individual Recurve (88 Participants)
Jayanta Talukdar (Rank 2): Score 684

    Third place Match: Def Marco Galiazzo (Italy Rank 677) 7-3
    Semifinal lost to Chang-Hwan Lee (Korea Rank/Score 683)
    QF def Viktor Ruban (Ukraine Rank 672) 6-4
    Pre-QF def Brady Ellison (USA Rank 670) 4-3
    2nd Round def Shenzhou Zhao (China Rankd 660) 4-0)
    1st Round def Mikalai Marusau (Belarus Rank 635) 4-0

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