Asian Games 2014 Day 1 Result: South Korea on Top, Jitu Rai Creates Indian Record

18 Gold medal were on show today and the hosts South Korea claimed the top position ahead of China. The North Korean weightlifter created a World Record while Indian Jitu Rai became the first Indian shooter to grab back-to-back Gold medals in CWG and Asian Games. Check the medal winners and other results of Day 1 in all the events of Incheon Asian Games.

Daily Result for India: Sept 20
Daily Schedule for India: Sept 20
Overall Schedule: Sept 20
Asian Games Shooting: Medal Winners of Every Asian Games
Schedule of Indians for Other Sports in Asian Games: Swimming, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Equestrian, Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Kabaddi, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Sepaktakraw, Shooting, Squash, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wushu
Indian Contingent

Medals on Day 1 of Every Game

    4 Judo, Shooting,
    2 Cycling Track, Fencing, Weightlifting, Wushu
    1 Equestrian, Synchronized Swimming

Badminton Team results
Men’s Team Round of 16

    Hong Kong def Maldives 3-0
    Nepal def Macau 3-0
    Korea def India 3-0
    Chinese Taipei def Thailand 3-0

Men’s and Women’s :
Women’s Team Round of 16

    Malaysia Def Nepal
    Indonesia def Maldives
    India def Macau
    Chinese Taipei def Hong Kong

Women’s Team Quarterfinals

    China def Malaysia 3-0
    Match 2 Japan vs Indonesia
    Match 3 India vs Thailand
    Match 4 Korea def Chinese Taipei 3-0

Men’s Qualifying Round
Group A Match 1 Mongolia def Hong Kong 86-77
Group B Match 1 Kazakhstan def Saudi Arabia 89-59
Group A Match 2 Kuwait def Maldives 116-44
Group B Match 2 India def Palestine 89-49

Beach Volleyball
Women’s Preliminary

    Pool C Kazakhstan def Korea 2-0
    Pool B Thailand def Japan 2-1

Men’s Preliminary

    Pool D Kazakhstan def Maldives 2-0
    Pool D Hong Kong def Korea 2-0
    Pool G Thailand def Kuwait 2-0
    Pool G Indonesia def Afghanistan 2-0
    Pool A Kazakhstan def Oman 2-0
    Pool H Qatar def Maldives 2-0
    Pool H Thailand def Tajikistan 2-0

Cricket Women’s Group Match

    Group C China def Korea by 8 wickets.
    Group D Thailand def Malaysia by 9 wickets

Women’s Team Sprint

    Gold: China
    Silver: Korea
    Bronze: Chinese Taipei

Men’s Team Sprint

    Gold: Korea
    Silver: China
    Bronze: Japan

Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying
20 qualified.

Dressage Team Priz St-Georges

    Gold: Korea
    Silver: Japan
    Bronze: Chinese Taipei

Dressage Individual Priz St-Georges

    30 Qualified including 4 from India (Nadia, Shruti, Rajendra, Vanita)
    Princess from Thailand and Ko Wen from Chinese Taipei were the only two who failed to qualify.


    Women’s First Round Group C North Korea def Hong Kong 5-0

Women’s Sabre Individual

    Gold: Lee Rajin (Korea)
    Silver: Kim Jiyeon (Korea)
    Bronze: Shen Chen (China) & Li Fei (China)

Men’s Individual Epee

    Gold: Jung Jinsun (Korea)
    Silver: Park Kyoungdoo (Korea)
    Bronze: Lim Wei Wen (Singapore) and Nguyen Tien Nhat (Vietnam)
    09.00 Women’s Sabre Individual Preliminaries Pool A
    Kim Jiyeon (Korea) vs Li Fei (China)
    Remaining matches are followed one after another
    A Nguyen (Vietnam) vs Permatasari Diah (Indonesia)
    Li Fei (China) vs Lau Ywen (Singapore)
    Permatasari (Indonesia) vs Yundendori (Mongolia)
    Lau Ywen (Singapore) vs Kim Jieyeon (Korea)
    Yundendori (Mongolia) vs Nguyen Thi Thanh Loan (Vietnam)
    Li Fei (China) vs Permatasari Diah (Indonesia)
    Kim Jiyeon (Korea) vs Nguyen (Vietnam)
    Permatasari Diah (Indonesia) vs Lau Ywen (Singapore)
    Kim Jiyeon (Korea) vs Yundendori (Mongolia)

Men’s Preliminary Round

    Group D Chinese Taipei def India 39-20
    Group A Bahrain def Mongolia 57-14
    Group D Korea def Japan 31-24
    Group B Kuwait def Hong Kong 40-20
    Group C Qatar def Oman 31-19
    Group C China def UAE 20-15

Women’s Preliminary Round

    Group A Korea def India 47-11
    Group B Japan def Hong Kong 37-8
    Group B Uzbekistan def Maldives 41-4

Men’s Pool Matches

    Pool A Match 1 Japan def Bangladesh 8-0
    Pool A Match 2 Malaysia def Singapore 8-2
    Pool B Match 1 Pakistan def Sri Lanka 14-0
    Pool B Match 2 China def Oman 5-0

Men’s 60 Kg

    Gold: Yeldos (Kazakhstan)
    Silver: Boldbaatar (Mongolia)
    Bronze: Wonjin (Korea) and Toru (Japan)

Men’s 66 Kg

    Gold: Tumurkhuleg (Mongolia)
    Silver: Tomofumi (Japan)
    Bronze: Mirzokhid (Uzbekistan) & Azamat (Kazakhstan)

Women’s 48 Kg

    Gold: Urantsetseg (Mongolia)
    Silver: Emi (Japan)
    Bronze: Kim Solmi (North Korea) & Bokyeong (Korea)

Women’s 52 Kg

    Gold: Misato (Japan)
    Silver: Gulbadam (Turkmenistan)
    Bronze: Eunjung (Korea) & Lenariya (Kazakhstan)

Women’s Pair Heat 1

    Finals: China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: Kwan Hoi (Hong Kong) and Cholhun (North Korea)
    Repechage: Uzbekistan, Philippines and Vietnam

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls Heat 2

    Finals: Hakbeom (Korea) and Dishiant (India)
    Repechage: Iran, Pakistan and Kuwait

Women’s Doubles Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: China, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Chinese Taipei

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: Japan and India (Roopendra Singh, Manjeet Singh)
    Repechage: Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Heat 2

    Finals: China and Hong Kong
    Repechage: Thailand, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: Indonesia
    Repechage: Iran, Thailand, India (Varghese, Chaun, Chaoba Devi, Manjula

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls Heat 2

    Finals: China
    Repechage: Vietnam, Korea

Men’s Quadruple Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: China, Chinese Taipei
    Repechage: Hong Kong, Iran, Thailand

Men’s Quadruple Sculls Heat 2

    Final: Korea, Kazakhstan
    Repechage: Iraq, Uzbekistan

Women’s Single Sculls Heat 1

    Finals: Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Iran

Men’s Doubles Preliminary

    Group A Korea def Japan 2-1
    Group A Singapore def Nepal 2-0
    Group B Myanmar def Brunei 2-1
    Group B Laos def Indonesia 2-0
    Group A Korea def Singapore 2-0
    Group A Japan def Korea 2-0
    Group B Myanmar def Laos 2-0
    Group B Indonesia def Brunei 2-0

Women’s Doubles Preliminary

    Group A Korea def Laos 2-1
    Group B Vietnam def Malaysia 2-0
    Group A Japan def Nepal 2-0
    Group B Myanmar def Malaysia 2-0

10m Air Pistol Women’s Finals

    Gold: Mengyuan (China)
    Silver: Jeehae (Korea)
    Bronze: Shweta Chaudhry (India)

10 m Air Pistol Women’s Team

    Gold: China
    Silver: Chinese Taipei
    Bronze: Mongolia

50m Pistol Men’s

    Gold: Jitu Rai (India)
    Silver: Phuong (Vietnam)
    Bronze: Zhiwei (China)

50m Pistol Men’s Team

    Gold: China
    Silver: Korea
    Bronze: Vietnam

Trap Men’s Qualification Day 1
20 of them qualify, including 3 Indians.

Men’s Singles Round of 32

    Match 2 Khaleel Ahmad (Jordan) def Shen Jiaqi (China) 3-0
    Match 3 Sehyun (Korea) def Sarhan A J (Qatar) 3-0
    Match 6 Tsukue (Japan) def Armando (Macau) 3-0
    Match 7 Farhan (Pakistan) def Khaleel Ahmad (Jordan) 3-1
    Match 10 Junjie (China) def Tsun Man (Macau) 3-0
    Match 15 Lee (Korea) def Fukui Yutai (Japan) 3-0

Women’s Singles Round of 16

    Match 2 Misaki (Japan) def Ashraf (Pak) 3-0
    Match 3 Chinappa Joshana (India) def Song Sunmi (Korea) 3-0
    Match 4 Pallikal Dipika Rebecca (India) def Jinyue (China) 3-1
    Match 5 Annie (Honk Kong) def Chinatsu (Japan) 3-1
    Match 6 Wazir Maria Toorpakai (Pakistan) def Dongjin (China) 3-0
    Match 7 CHan Ho Ling (Hong Kong) def Kwai Chi (Macau) 3-0
    Match 8 Low Wee Wern (Malaysia) def Park Eunok (Korea) 3-0

Men’s Singles Round of 16

    Saurav Ghosal (India) def Khaleel Ahmad (Jordan) 3-0
    Iqbal Nasir (Pakistan) def Sehyun (Korea) 3-1
    Au Chun Ming (Hong Kong) Def Tsukue (Japan) 3-1
    Ong Beng Hee (Malaysia) def Farhan (Pakistan) 3-0
    Mohd Adnan (Malaysia) def Junjie (China) 3-0
    Al Tamimi Abdulla (Qatar) def Ammar (Kuwait) 3-2
    Lee Ho Yin (Hong Kong) def Lee (Korea) 3-1
    Almezayen (Kuwait) def Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu (India) 3-0

Synchronised Swimming

    10:00 Duets Technical Routine
    Duets Free Routine

      Gold: China
      Silver: Japan
      Bronze: Kazakhstan

    Tennis: All Results of Day 1
    Women’s Team first Round
    Mol>India def Oman 3-0
    Hong Kong def Pakistan 3-0
    Chinese Taipei def Nepal 3-0
    Thailand def Uzbekistan 2-1
    Kazakhstan def Mongolia 3-0

Men’s Team first Round

    Hong Kong def Kuwait 2-1
    Saudi Arabia def Oman 3-0
    Turkmenistan def Cambodia 3-0
    Pakistan def Qatar 2-0
    Philippines def Mongolia 3-0

Men’s Preliminary Round

    Group B Kuwait def Pakistan 3-0
    Group A Korea def Kazakhstan 3-0
    Group C India def Hong Kong 3-1

Women’s Preliminary Round

    Group A Korea def India 3-0
    Group B Chinese Taipei def Hong Kong 3-0

North Korean Om Yunchol with 298 Kg created a World Record in Men’s 56 Kg. India’s Sukhen Dey performed below his capability that won him a medal in Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, and could not even qualify for the final heat.
Men’s 56 Kg

    Gold: North Korea
    Silver: Vietnam
    Bronze: China

Women’s 48 Kg Group A Qualifiers

    1. China
    2. Hong Kong
    3. Korea
    4. Japan

Men’s Changquan

    Gold: Korea
    Silver: Macau
    Bronze: Japan

Women’s Nanguan/Nandao

    Gold: Malaysia
    Silver: Indonesia
    Bronze: China

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