Asian Games 2014 Football: Scenarios of Quarterfinals for Men and Women

Before the Opening Ceremony Maldives is the only Women’s team to be knocked out, while in Men’s Laos, Afghanistan, Maldives, and Timor-Leste are already knocked out. Group E has already decided it’s qualifiers in Indonesia and Thailand while Group D, F and G are still open for all. UAE, Uzbekistan and South Korea have also qualified to Quarterfinals in the Men’s Football. Indian women are still in reckoning while Indian Men need a big win against Jordan to qualify.

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Women’s Group Scenario
Before the Opening Ceremony Most of the teams in Football Groups played their first two matches. With only one match remaining to be played by all except Hong Kong in Group C, Maldives is the only team to be already knocked out from QF race. It has lost both matches and have goal difference of -25.

Men’s Football: Knocked out Teams Before Opening Ceremony
Group A
Laos has not won any match and even if they defeat South Korea in their last match of Group A, it will not be enough as South Korea has already reached 6 points and remaining two teams Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, who will play each other in last match, are already on 3 points each. Winner of their match will join South Korea from Group A in the QF.

Group B
Afghanistan has lost both the matches and even if it defeats Uzbekistan, Group B topper after 2 matches, it will reach only 3 points which is less than the 4 points already earned by Uzbekistan and Hong Kong. Uzbekistan has qualified from the group, while the match between Hong Kong and Bangladesh will finalize the other quarterfinalist from their Group.

Group C
Palestine has already qualified winning both the matches. But any of the remaining three teams from Tajikistan, Singapore and Oman qualify as the second team from Group C.

Group D
Iraq is on 6 points, Nepal is on 0, still the group is open for all the four teams. Kuwait and Japan have 3 points each and they play Iraq and Nepal respectively.

Group E
The Only group that has finalized the qualifier list in just 2 matches. Indonesia and Thailand qualify with 2 straight wins. Maldives and Timor-Leste are knocked out. Indonesia vs Thailand match on Sept 22 will decide the Group topper.

Group F
The team has only 3 teams. North Korea has won both the matches to qualify. China PR vs Pakistan match on Sept 22 will send the second qualifier from the group. A draw will knock out China PR.

Group G
The Group has three teams. UAE stands qualified after completed its both the game winning one. Jordan has defeated UAE, and even a draw is enough to make them group topper. It plays India on September 22 to decide the second qualifier. With India’s goal difference -5 and Jordan’s +1, India must win with a goal difference of 4 goals to sneak past into the quarterfinals, which will be nothing less than one of the biggest result of Incheon 2014 at Pool Stage.

Group H
Iran has played both the matches in the 3-team group and have only one point with a goal difference of -3. Unless Vietnam (3 points) defeats Kyrgyzstan on September 22 by a margin of 4 goals, Iran can consider themselves knocked out.

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