Asian Games 2014: Indian Schedule for Handball

India has not yet won a medal in Handball events. Men’s Team of 16 members and Women’s team of 16 members represent India at Incheon 2014.

Overall Schedule
Schedule of Indians for Other Sports in Asian Games: Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Football, Golf,
Indian Contingent

Men’s team
Placed in Group D Indian Men’s team play against Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taipei.
Schedule of Group D

    Sept 20 10 p.m. vs Chinese Taipei
    Sept 21 4 p.m. vs South Korea
    Sept 22 4 p.m. vs Japan

Women’s team
Placed in Group A Indian Women’s team play against China, South Korea and Thailand.
Schedule of Group D (VERIFY as schedule shows JAPAN)

    Sept 22 4 p.m. vs Japan
    Sept 21 6 p.m. vs Thailand
    Sept 22 8 p.m. vs China

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