Asian Games Football: Iran and South Korea Rule, Thailand Most Unlucky

In 16 editions of Men’s Football at Asian Games, Iran and South Korea have established their control with maximum semifinals and finals, and championships between them. Thailand on the other hand is the most unlucky having failed to win a medal despite reaching top 4 thrice. Check the complete statistics of Asian Games Football, Medal winners, Semifinalists of all the Games before 2014 Asian Games.

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Asian Games Football Statistics

    4 times maximum a team (Iran) has won the Gold medal in Men’s Football.
    9 Maximum times a team (South Korea) has reached the semifinals.
    6 Maximum times when teams (Iran and South Korea) have reached the final.
    17 Teams have won at least a medal in Men’s Football.
    4 Maximum times a team (Kuwait) has reached the semifinals without winning the Gold medal.
    2 Games (1970 and 1978) saw Gold medals shared.
    Malaysia (twice) and Indonesia (once) are the teams that have won Bronze medals but never reached the final.
    4 teams have reached semifinal but not won a medal.
    Thailand is the only team to have reached semifinal thrice (1990, 1998, 2002) but not win a medal.

Gold Medal Winners

    4 Iran (1974, 1990, 1998, 2002)
    3 South Korea (1970, 1978, 1986)
    2 India (1951, 1962), Chinese Taipei (1954, 1958), Burma (1966, 1970)
    1 Iraq (1982), North Korea (1978), Uzbekistan (1994), Qatar (2006), Japan (2010)

Silver Medal Winners

    3 South Korea (1954, 1958, 1962)
    2 Iran (1951, 1966), Kuwait (1982, 1998)
    1 Israel (1974), Saudi Arabia (1986), North Korea (1990), China PR (1994), Japan (2002), Iraq (2006), UAE (2010)

Bronze Medal Winners

    3 South Korea (1954, 1958, 1962)
    2 Japan (1951, 1966), Malaysia 2 (1962, 1974), China PR (1978, 1998), Kuwait (1986, 1994)
    1 Burma (1954), Indonesia (1958), India (1970), Saudi Arabia (1982), Iran (2006),

Semifinalists But No Medals

    3 Thailand (1990, 1998, 2002)
    1 Afghanistan (1951), South Vietnam (1962) and Singapore (1966)

Men’s Football Medal Winners in Asian Games
Fourth placed team also mentioned.

    1951: India, Iran, Japan (Afghanistan)
    1954: Republic of China, South Korea, Burma (Indonesia)
    1958 Republic of China, South Korea, Indonesia (India)
    1962 India, South Korea, Malaya (South Vietnam)
    1966 Burma, Iran, Japan (Singapore)
    1970 Burma and South Korea (Gold Shared), India (Japan)
    1974 Iran, Israel, Malaysia (North Korea)
    1978 North Korea and South Korea (Gold), China PR (Iraq)
    1982 Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (North Korea)
    1986 South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait (Indonesia)
    1990 Iran, North Korea, South Korea (Thailand)
    1994 Uzbekistan, China PR, Kuwait (South Korea)
    1998 Iran, Kuwait, China PR (Thailand)
    2002 Iran, Japan, South Korea (Thailand)
    2006 Qatar, Iraq, Iran (South Korea)
    2010 Japan, UAE, South Korea (Iran)

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