Asian Games Wrestling: Indian Winners and History

Since the inclusion of Wrestling in the Asian Games from 1954, Indian wrestlers have won 8 Gold medals, 14 Silver medals and 31 Bronze medals. India’s tally is 6th best after Japan (62 Gold and 143 medals), Iran (58 Gold and 125 medals), South Korea (49 Gold and 120 medals), Mongolia (10 Gold and 48 medals) and Kazakhstan (10 Gold and 35 medals). India’s first silver and bronze medals came in 1954 but Gold medal had to wait till 1962. Kartar Singh is the only Indian Wrestler to have won 2 Gold medals at Asian Games, and now, Yogeshwar Dutt has brought Gold after a wait of 28 years for India.

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Indian Contingent

Indian Medals by Categories
G=Gold, S=Silver, B=Bronze
Men’s Freestyle 8G 9S 23B

    Light flyweight (48 Kg 1970-1994): 1S
    Flyweight (52kg 1964-94, 54 kg 1998): 3B
    Bantamweight (55-58kg 1954-2014): 2B
    Featherweight (60-63 Kg 1954-2014): 1S 1B
    Lightweight (65-70kg 1954-2014): 1G 2S 3B
    Light welterweight (70Kg (2014): None
    Welterweight (73-78kg (1954-2014): 1G 3B
    Middleweight (79-87 kg 1954-2014): 1S 4B
    Light heavyweight (87-97 Kg 1958-94): 2G, 3S, 1B
    Heavyweight +87-100Kg 1954-2014): 3G 1S 4B
    Super heavyweight +100-125 Kg (1970-2014) 1S 4B

Men’s Greco-Roman: 2G 3S 4B

    Light flyweight (48 Kg 1974-1994): None
    Flyweight (52-54 Kg 1974-94): 1G
    Bantamweight (55-59kg 1962-2014): 1B
    Featherweight (60-63 Kg 1962-2010): 1B
    Lightweight (66-70kg 1962-2014): 1S 1B
    Light welterweight (71Kg (2014): None
    Welterweight (74-78kg (1962-2014): None
    Light Middleweight (80-87 kg 1962-2014): None
    Middleweight (79-87 kg 1954-2014): 1S
    Light Heavyweight (90-97 Kg 1962, 1974-94): 1S
    Heavyweight 96-100Kg 1962-2014): 1G 1B
    Super heavyweight +100-130 Kg (1974-2014): None

Women’s Freestyle: 1S 3B

    Flyweight 48 kg 2002-2014: 1B
    Lightweight 55 Kg 2002-2014 1B
    Middleweight 63Kg 2002-2014 1S 1B
    Heavyweight 72-75 Kg 2002-2014: None

Indian Gold Medal Winners

    1962 Maruti Mane Light heavyweight
    1962 Malwa Flyweight Greco Roman
    1962 Ganpat Andhalkar Heavyweight Greco Roman
    1970 Chandgi Ram Heavyweight
    1978 Rajinder Singh Welterweight
    1978 Kartar Singh Light heavyweight
    1982 Satpal Singh Heavyweight
    1986 Kartar Singh Heavyweight
    2014 Yogeshwar Dutt Lightweight

Indian Silver Medal Winners

    1954 B. G. Kashid Lightweight
    1954 Sajjan Singh Light Middleweight Greco Roman
    1962 Udey Chand Lightweight Greco Roman
    1962 Udey Chand Lightweight
    1962 Sajjan Singh Middleweight
    1962 Ganpat Andhalkar Heavyweight
    1962 Maruti Mane Light Heavyweight
    1966 Bishwanath Singh Light heavyweight
    1970 Jit Singh Light heavyweight
    1974 Sukhchain Singh Cheema Heavyweight Greco Roman
    1978 Satpal Singh Super heavyweight
    1982 Kartar Singh Light heavyweight
    1990 Ombir Singh Light Flyweight
    2006 Geetika Jakhar Women’s Middleweight
    2014 Bajrang Featherweight

Indian Bronze Medal Winners

    1954 Sohan Singh Middleweight
    1962 Malwa Flyweight
    1962 Lakshmikant Pandey Welterweight
    1966 Shamrao Sable Flyweight
    1966 Bishambar Singh Bantamweight
    1966 Udey Chand Lightweight
    1966 Sajjan Singh Middleweight
    1966 Bhim Singh Heavyweight
    1970 Netra Pal Middleweight
    1970 Om Prakash Lightweight
    1970 Mukhtiar Singh Welterweight
    1974 Sukhchain Singh Cheema Heavyweight
    1974 Satbir Singh Flyweight
    1974 Satpal Singh Middleweight
    1982 Ashok Kumar Bantamweight
    1982 Rajinder Singh Super heavyweight
    1986 Gurmukh Singh Super heavyweight
    1986 Suresh Kumar Light heavyweight
    1990 Subhash Verma Heavyweight
    2002 Palwinder Singh Cheema Super heavyweight
    2006 Palwinder Singh Cheema Super heavyweight
    2006 Yogeshwar Dutt Featherweight
    2006 Vinayak Dalvi Bantamweight Greco-Roman
    2006 Sushil Kumar Lightweight
    2006 Alka Tomar (Women’s Lightweight)
    2010 Mausam Khatri Heavyweight
    2010 Ravinder Singh Featherweight Greco Roman
    2010 Sunil Kumar Rana Lightweight Greco Roman
    2014 Vinesh Phogat Women’s Flyweight
    2014 Geetika Jakhar Women’s Middleweight
    2014 Narsingh Pancham Yadav Welterweight

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