Athletics: Indian Olympic Record in 800m

Tintu Luka is set to participate in Women’s 800m Qualifying round at Rio 2016. Coached by legendary PT Usha, she is the 3rd women and 9th overall Indian to participate at Olympics in 800 m race, which is India’s 4th best represented Athletics event at Olympics. Among 13 occasions, only once an Indian has reached 800m Olympics final. Being the queen of Asian events for many years now, and based on past performances, multiple international medal winner Tintu Luka appeared the best Indian athlete to expect a medal for India!! She finished 29th at Heat. Check India’s past 800 m results, how she qualified, her short profile and her challenge at Rio Olympics.

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Qualification for Rio: Season’s best of 2:00.95 to finish seventh in the first heats at the 2015 World Athletics Championship, crossing the Rio Olympics qualification time of 2:01.00.

Born on 21 April 1989 at Valathode Karikkottakary, Iritty, Kerala, India, she is coached at the Usha School of Athletics, Koyilandy, Kerala, and is supported by Olympic Gold Quest.She was awarded Arjuna award by Government of India in 2014.

800 m Statistics at Olympics for India

    13 occasions in 12 Olympics when Indians participated in 800 m.
    3rd Indian woman Tintu Luka to participate in 800 m after Geeta Zutshi and Shiny Abraham.
    ONE Final so far for India by Sri Ram Singh in 1976 Olympics.
    3 Olympic representation by Sri Ram Singh and Shiny Abraham in 800 m.
    2 Indian Participants in 800 m at 2016, after 1984 Olympics.

Other Indians in 800m at Olympics

    1928 J. Murphy: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    1936 Gyan Bhalla: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    1952, 1956 Sohan Singh: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    1972, 1980 Sri Ram Singh: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    1976 Sri Ram Singh: 7th in Men’s 800 metres
    1980 Geeta Zutshi: Round 1 Women’s 800 metres
    1984, 1988, 1992 Shiny Abraham-Wilson: Round 1 Women’s 800 metres
    1984 Charles Borromeo: Round 1 Men’s 800 metres
    2016 Jinson Johnson: Round 1 in Men’s 800 metres
    2016 Tintu Luka: Women’s 800 m

Tintu Luka at Rio Olympics
At Rio, it is 3 step road to medals. Women’s 800 m at Rio 2016 has 8 Heats in Qualifying round wherein 65 athletes are participating. Tintu will run for a place in the Finals at Heat 3 in Round 1 with 7 more athletes from 7 different nations.
Tintu Luka at rio 2016 women's 800mheat

    She gave her Season’s best but could not qualify for the semifinals. Ironically, she had lesser time as compared to the top two qualifiers from Heat 7.

Tintu Luka’s Achievements and Records in Women’s 800m

    2008: Silver medal in the 800-metre race at the Asian Junior Athletics Championship in Jakarta
    2010: Broke Shiny Wilson’s 15-year-old national record of 1:59.85 at Continental Cup, Croatia
    2010: Finished 6th Commonwealth Games
    2010: BRONZE at Asian Games.
    2011: BRONZE at Asian Championships, Kobe, Japan
    2012: Semifinals at London Olympics
    2013: BRONZE at Asian Championships, Pune, India
    2014: SILVER at Asian Games
    2014: 11th at Commonwealth Games
    2015: GOLD medal at Asian Championships, Wuhan, China
    2015: 19th at World Championships, Beijing, China

Besides that she won two Gold medals and two silver medals in 4 X 400 m relay. at Asian Games, the team clocked 3:28:68 to break the Games Record.

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