Aus Vs Ind 1st Test First Day Review: Is it the same Australia or India!!

Mohali, India: The Mohali Test is the series opener. India is conventionally on the backfoot in the first tests, specially first day. Australia on the other hand have a knack of putting pressure right from the opening day of the tour, scoring runs with a good run rate.

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Aus Vs India First Day of First Test: Scorecard and Match Facts

Run Rate of 2.48 per over on First Day
Losing 5 wickets, Australia scored 224 runs in 90 overs during the day. This would probably be their worst run rate, when they are not under pressure. Despite early wicket of Katich, the 2nd wicket stand between Ponting and Watson gave them enough Oxygen to dominate. Yet a run out and the gates opened. Clark and Hussey struggled to adapt. Watson was determined, he got his century and remained unbeaten. North, irrespective of the hype around him, was sent on a duck by Zaheer. Still with plenty of wickets remaining, Australia might not have scored so badly on the first day ever in their history.

Is India Changing!!
Conventionally having a history of being floored by opponents on opening day of tour, India looked to set the record correct and change history. IT is true that Australia still have 5 wickets left. But, the disciplined Indian bowling (Except Ishant) has forced the Australians to be defensive. Not only have India taken all top order and middle order wickets, they are looking good to wrap Australia around 300 runs. Admirable Change for India from a past first-day sick team.

Day of Watson and Zaheer
The pitch was not bowler-friendly, still Zaheer and co thrived. With Zaheer’s 3-wicket haul Australia is on defensive. Australia’s real tormentor Harbhajan has taken out his first wicket of the tournament, tomorrow he can take many more. But, all credit goes to Watson for holding Australian inning. While seasoned players like Katich, Clark, Hussey perished and struggled to tackle the ball, Ponting found difficult to concentrate for staying further on crease and North unable to open the account, it was Watson’s determined slow century that has still kept Australia in contention.

Ishant’s No Ball
I am sure if player’s had the option of saying No to play for National team, Ishant would be the first one to opt for it. Alas!! That option is never exercised, unless dropped forever. Completely based on old credential Ishant has been selected in the team in the 4-ballers line up. Unfortunately while other three were good enough, with Pragyan being exceptional, Ishant sent so many no-balls that he might find it hard to believe. Probably, this series is his last chance before he is sent to domestic cricket to work on himself.

Zaheer’s taunt to Ponting
After being run out, Ponting was going when from the Indian huddle Zaheer had few goodies to throw at departing Ponting. Being as aggressive as ever, Ponting stopped to reply. Umpire came in-time. But, the big question was that necessary!! Why did Zaheer taunt Ponting? He should rememebr that nobody could take Ponting’s wicket and he has been played very well by Ponting.

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