Australian Tri-Series from 1980-2008

Hyderabad, India: The first-ever triangular series and only the second international One-day tournament after World Cup of 1975 and 1979 started in Australia in 1979-80. After changing many hands, the tournament was scrapped in 2008. This tournament used to be the longest tournament with each team playing 10 matches in league and then best of three finals to be played between the top two teams of league.

History of 50 overs Triangular Series
First-ever Cricket Triangular Series

The series was called by different names according to the sponsors. Here are the names:

    Benson & Hedges Cup (1980-90)
    Benson & Hedges World Series Cup (1990-96)
    Carlton and United Series (1997 – 2000)
    Carlton Series (2001)
    VB Series (2002 – 2006)
    Commonwealth Bank Series (2007-08)

Results for Benson & Hedges World Series Cup (1980-96)

    1980 West Indies (Winner), England (2nd), Australia (3rd)
    1981 Australia (Winner), New Zealand (2nd), India
    1982 West Indies (Winner), Australia (2nd), Pakistan
    1983 Australia (Winner), New Zealand (2nd), England (3rd)
    1984 West Indies (Winner), Australia (2nd), Pakistan
    1985 West Indies (Winner), Australia (2nd), Sri Lanka (3rd)
    1986 Australia (Winner), India (2nd), New Zealand (3rd)
    1987 England (Winner), Australia (2nd), West Indies
    1988 Australia (Winner), New Zealand (2nd), Sri Lanka
    1989 West Indies (Winner), Australia (2nd), Pakistan
    1990 Australia (Winner), Pakistan (2nd), Sri Lanka (3rd)
    1991 Australia (Winner), New Zealand (2nd), England (3rd)
    1992 Australia (Winner), India (2nd), West Indies (3rd)
    1993 West Indies (Winner, Australia (2nd), Pakistan
    1994 Australia (Winner), South Africa (2nd), New Zealand
    1996 Australia (Winner), Sri Lanka (2nd), West Indies (3rd)

The tri-nation series had a new sponsor as amended Auswtralian law did not accept ciggarette manufacturers as sponsor. In 12 years, the tournament was renamed 4 times due to change of sponsors. The tournament was scrapped in 2008, when Commonwealth Bannk series was won by India.

Results of Tri-Series from 1996-2008

    1997 Pakistan (Winner), West Indies (2nd), Australia (3rd)
    1998 Australia (winner), S. Africa (2nd), New Zealand (3rd)
    1999 Australia (winner), England (2nd), Sri Lanka (3rd)
    2000 Australia (Winner), Pakistan (2nd), India (3rd)
    2001 Australia (Winner), West Indies (2nd), Zimbabwe (3rd)
    2002 South Africa (Winner(, New Zealand (2nd), Australia (3rd)
    2003 Australia (Winner), England (2nd), Sri Lanka (3rd)
    2004 Australia (Winner), India, Zimbabwe
    2005 Australia (Winner), Pakistan (2nd), West Indies (3rd)
    2006 Australia (Winner), Sri Lanka (2nd), S. Africa (3rd)
    2007 England (Winner), Australia (2nd), New Zealand (3rd)
    2008 India (Winner), Australia (2nd), Sri Lanka (3rd)

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