Azlan Shah 2015: Goal Scorers and Statistics

In 3 classification matches, teams scored 16 goals taking the tournament tally to 96 goals in 18 matches. Earlier, in 15 matches of Group Stage, 6 teams have scored 80 goals with 11 Australians contributing to their team tally. Three hattricks were scored during the tournament. Thimmaiah scored the 2nd hattrick of the tournament, while Jamie Dwyer leads with 8 goals that includes a hattrick while Simon Child has 4 goals. Australia won by the biggest margin, while Indians and Malaysians scored the quickest goals of a match. Aussies scored the maximum 22 goals while Canada conceded the maximum 23 goals.

Azlan Shah 2015 Schedule and Results
Points Table

1 Jamie Dwyer (18m, 45m, 48m) vs Korea
1 Nikkin Thimaiah (23, 32, 60) vs Australia
1 Ho-Garcia (16, 26, 33) vs Malaysia (In Classification match)

Goals Scored by Teams

    22 Australia
    17 New Zealand, Malaysia
    16 India
    15 South Korea
    9 Canada

Goals Conceded by Teams

    11 Australia, New Zealand
    14 India
    15 South Korea
    17 Malaysia
    23 Canada

Goals by Players

    8 Jamie Dwyer (Aus)
    5 Andy Hayward (New Zealand)
    4 Simon Child (New Zealand), Nikkin Thimaiah (India), Hyun-woo (Korea), Saari (Malaysia)
    3 Wotherspoon (Aus), Ho-Garcia (Canada), Seong-kyu (Korea), Rupinderpal Singh, Raghunath (India), Muhammad Haziq Shamsul (Malaysia)
    2 Knowles, Ockenden (Aus), Matthew Sarmento (Canada), Jong-hyun, Lee Nam Yong (Korea), Tengku Ahmad Tajudin, Abdullah, Ashaari, Rahim (Malaysia), Inglis, Neal, Haig (New Zealand), Satbir Singh, Ramandeep Singh (India)
    1 Cross, Mitton, Simpson, Whetton, Jeremy Hayward, Beale, Matt Gohdes (Aus), Richard Hildreth, Scholfield, Gill, Jameson (Canada), Akashdeep Singh (India), Nabil Fiqri Mohammad Noor, Ramadan (Malaysia), Hilton, Ryan Archibald (New Zealand), Jun, Hyo-sik, Young-jin, Hye-sung (South Korea)

Quickest Goals

    2nd minute Raghunath (India) vs Australia
    2nd minute Rahim (Malaysia) vs Canada
    3rd minute Jun (South Korea) vs Malaysia
    4th minute Haig (New Zealand) vs Malaysia
    4th minute Ryan Archibald (New Zealand) vs Korea
    5th minute Simon Child (New Zealand) vs Malaysia
    5th minute Muhammad Haziq Shamsul (Mal) vs Canada
    5th minute Hayward (New Zealand) vs Australia
    6th minute Nabil Fiqri Mohammad Noor (Mal) vs Canada

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