Bangladesh: Tigers or Banana-Peel!

Bangladesh came to the World Cup 2011 as one of the host. Despite being a shade above than minnows, their fans expected them to be the tigers who could hurt any team. After the Group matches, they turned out to be no more than Banana-peel which led to just few upsets.

2007 and 2011 World Cup
The Super 8 qualifier of 2007 World Cup was expected to reach the knockout rounds in the World Cup 2011, considering an edge at least over the weakened West Indies team and minnows. Yet, the fans forgot that 2007 Group match format suited their team as one big win led them to next round. But, where more than one major win was required, Bangla tigers appeared toothless.

The story was similar in 2011. The only difference was that the group stage had a bigger share and required more than one upset win, with good net run rate. Their performance was better than the six-match loser Kenya and Netherlands, yet it cannot be counted better than the Zimbabwean struggling to resbuild themselves.

The Highs of 2011 World Cup
Winning Against England.

The Lows
Too Many. Lowest World Cup score by a test playing nation (against West Indies) and their Worst ever ODI defeat (against South Africa).

Making Fun or Being A Joke
When Bangla wicketkeeper screamed on a dismissed Irish batsman. If Bangladesh can get such fun out a wicket from minnowland, then they show where they are placed mentally.

Performance in World Cup 2011
The tournament started with a big loss, yet inspiring game against the lions India. The bowling looked in shambles at home, the batting did show some spine helped by indisciplined weak Indian bowling attack.

Victory against Ireland in a low scoring match, brought the bowlers to the fore. But West Indies handed them their worst-ever World Cup total and a shameful defeat. Later against England and Netherlands the bowlers batted and bowled Bangla to such inspiring victories that the players celebrated as if they have already won the World Cup.

The must-win match against South Africa gave them hope, specially when South Africa’s three major players were rested. Yet the second string bowling attack of Africans did not allow them score even 100 and handed them their worst-ever defeat in a World Cup match.

Despite spending more than a decade in international arena as test-playing nation, Bangladesh has never succeeded in proving the detractors wrong, who always give credit to their presence in test arena more to Indian muscle flexing than their talent.

Even after their ouster from their current World Cup, the way they played have let many believe that Ireland and Netherlands may justify the Test-status tag more than the toothless tigers. With one or two upset wins at times, they can not be considered more than a banana-peel where some major team can just lose one or two match but not the tournament or series.

It is time now for Bangladesh to justify their test status. Specially with the type of game Ireland and Netherlands are playing now, either ICC will give them test status, considering if Bangladesh can then why not them or else take away their test status too. It is too long a wait now to let the tigers develop teeth. Probably, the trusted Bangladeshi jaws were never the right abode of teeth that can bite.


  1. Dear Neighbor,
    Appears unfortunately the article has hurt your ‘bortherly’ sentiments. I still stand by facts though. Firstly, the article is just about Bangladesh (without comparison to India). Secondly, India did win first test in 20 years (1951-52 England series), after starting in 1932, but number of years are no comparison in current age, where in every two years any team (including Bang and Ind) plays more international matches than earlier (before 1985) they would have in 20 years.
    I am a fan of cricket here, not nationality. For me a Shakib from Bang on top of allrounder’s list is as exciting as Tendulkar’s or Dhoni’s performance.
    But can you provide the reason, why after playing decades of international cricket now, Bangladesh still struggles even against a second grade West Indies team that too at HOME? Why there are so many captaincy changes? Why the team is still unable to get past Zimbabwe? and overall what it deserves to be respected as top 8 teams of the world?
    Be a fan, not a fanatic. Our articles has never a tone of bias by nationality or individual. You can see many anti-dhoni articles here, if you have time.
    Thanks for sharing your views. We look forward to further comments.

  2. What an article….? And you wonder, why people in Bangladesh have such ‘brotherly’ feelings towards India…… (PS: It took 26 years for India to win its first test match…..too bad the web was’nt there then….

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