Biggest and Narrowest Test Victories at Eden Gardens

India’s first victory came in 1961 in the 10th test played at Eden Gardens when they defeated England by 187 runs under Nari Contractor. Before thay they have lost the 6th (against Australia) and 7th test (vs WI) at Edens. Kolkata ground has produced 5 innings victories and two 10-wickets win. Here is the complete list of biggest and narrowest victories.

Indian Test Record at Eden Gardens
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Biggest Test Partnerships at Eden Gardens

Biggest & Victories by Teams

    WI def India by an ings & 336 runs, 1958
    India def Australia by ings & 219 runs, 1998
    India def South Africa by ings & 57 runs, 2010
    WI def India by ings & 46 runs, 1983
    WI def India by an ings & 45 runs, 1966
    South Africa def India by 329 runs, 1996
    India def Pakistan by 195 runs, 2005
    India def Eng by 187 runs, 1961
    India def Australia by 171 runs, 2001
    Australia def India by 10 wickets, 1969
    England def India by 10 wkts, 1977

Narrowest Victories by Teams

    India def Eng by 28 runs, 1972
    Pak def India by 46 runs, 1999
    India def WI by 85 runs, 1974

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