Boxing at London Olympics: Facts and Schedule

Introducing Women’s boxing for the first time, London Olympics has 13 gold medals for the boxers.

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Venue: ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Dates: 28 July–12 August
Competitors: 286 (250 men, 36 women)
Categories: 10 (Male), 3 (Female)


    28 Jul, Men’s Bantamweight and Middleweight Preliminary Rounds
    29 Jul, Men’s Lightweight and Welterweight Preliminary Rounds
    30 Jul, Men’s Flyweight and Light Heavyweight Preliminary Rounds
    31 Jul, Men’s Light Flyweight and Light Welterweight Preliminary Rounds
    1 Aug, Pre-Quarterfinal, Men’s Bantamweight, Men’s Heavyweight and Men’s super Heavyweight
    2 Aug, Pre-Quarterfinal, Men’s Lightweight, Men’s Middleweight
    3 Aug, Pre-Quarterfinal, Men’s flyweight, Men’s Welterweight
    4 Aug Pre-Quarterfinal, Men’s Light flyweight, Men’s light welterweight, Men’s light heavyweight
    5 Aug Quarterfinal, Men’s bantamweight, Men’s heavyweight, Women’s Pre-quarterfinal for all three events
    6 Aug Quarterfinal, Women’s semifinal for all three events, Men’s Quarterfinal Men’s lightweight, middleweight, Super heavyweight
    7 Aug Quarterfinal Men’s flyweight, Men’s welterweight
    8 Aug Women’s Semifinal in all three events, Men’s Quarterfinal in Men’s Light flyweight, light welterweight, light heavyweight
    9 Aug Final for all Women’s event
    10 Aug Semifinal for all Men’s event
    11 Aug Final of Men’s Light flyweight, bantamweight, light welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight
    12 Aug Final of Men’s flyweight, lightweight, welterweight, light heavyweight, super heavyweight

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