Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands: Who are the Lucky Two!!

With almost a month of World’s biggest festival coming to an end the board is drawn for the final four. Despite having two newbies in the Quarter finals, there are no surprises in the semifinal line up as Brazil plays Germany and Argentina takes on Netherlands. All have been experienced enough upto the extent of reaching the final multiple times. In the last 5 games played each team has showed its strength and now being impacted too during the games, giving rise to some weaknesses. No team is favorite any more. With all the on-field and off-field developments now who can reach the finals!! Which of the four options would we see in the final!!

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Four Possibilities for the Final
Now on paper there are four possibilities for the Grand Finale. Brazil vs Argentina, Brazil vs Netherlands, Germany vs Argentina, Germany vs Netherlands. The Football World has awaited the Brazil vs Argentina clash in the World Cup final since the 1950s. Germany vs Argentina final has already taken place twice. Brazil vs Netherlands is yet to happen too in the final.

Scenario 1: Brazil vs Argentina
Brazil and Argentina have a history of rivalry that comes very close to hatred. Pele of Brazil and Maradona of Argentina have contested for the player of the 20th century awards. Maradona emerged winner for one group while Pele was the winner for other group. Even today while counting the current best players of the World, Maradona never takes the name of Neymar Jr. whom the rest of world perceives in the category of wonder boy. This is not rivalry but hatred indeed. Overall they have met multiple times in the World Cup, and the results have been happy and sad for both.
Stats of Rivalry

    Biggest Win: 6-2 for Brazil, 6-1 for Argentina

      Played: 40
      Brazil: 43
      Argentina: 37
      Draw: 24

    World Cup: Brazil 1, Argentina 1, Draw 1

      1974: Draw
      1982: Brazil def Argentina 3-1
      1990: Argentina def Brazil 1-0

Scenario 2: Brazil vs Netherlands
While Brazil have been the powerhouse of World Football, the dutch are credited with introducing the beautiful Total Football to the Soccer World. The 1974 and 1978 World cup have tales about how their Total Football forced all but the finalists, Germany (1974) and Argentina (1978) to surrender. The finishing of Dutch as Runners’ up then is one of the most surprising events of World Cup. They finished Runner’s up again in the last World Cup. Now, can they remove the tag of the most unluckiest team in the FIFA World Cup who has not won it despite reaching the final thrice and semifinal on last four occasions!! Probably they can if the opponent is weakened Brazil. In World Cup they do not have any rivalry to entertain the experts. Yet they have met on some occasions.
Stats of Rivalry

    Biggest Win: 3-1 by Brazil, 2-0 for Netherlands
    Maximum Goals in a match: Draws: 5-5 and then 4-4

      Played: 11
      Brazil: 4
      Netherlands: 3
      Draw: 4

    World Cup: Brazil 2, Netherlands 2

      1974: Netherlands def Brazil 2-0
      1994: Brazil def Netherlands 3-2
      1998: Brazil def Netherlands 4-2 (1-1)
      2010: QF: Netherlands def Brazil 2-1

Scenario 3: Germany vs Argentina
Both being a strong team again automatically results into a rivalry. Argentina is a two time champion and Germany is a three time champion. Argentina has reached the final on four occasions, losing to Uruguay in 1930 and Germany in 1990. They won in 1978 defeating Netherlands and in 1986 defeating West Germany. The Germans took revenge in the 1990 edition final. 2014 can be the decider between these two as they are level at one all in the World Cup finals so far.
Stats of Rivalry

    Biggest Win: 4-0 by Germany, 3-1 (Twice) for Argentina

      Played: 23
      Germany: 7
      Argentina: 9
      Draw: 4

    World Cup: Germany 4, Argentina 1, Draw 1

      1958: West Germany def Argentina 3-1
      1966: Draw 0-0
      1986: Final- Argentina def West Germany 3-2
      1990: FInal- Germany def Argentina 1-0
      2006: Germany def Argentina 4-2 (1-1)
      2010: QF: Germany def Argentina 4-0

Scenario 4: Germany vs Netherlands
Germany is the biggest team of World Cup, if one goes by all statistics of the World Cup except the number of times it won, which is less than 5 of Brazil and 4 of Italy. Netherlands on the other hand is the current superpower reaching their 4th semifinal since 1998 World Cup. They will have revenge in mind if they meet Germany in the final, as in 1974 when their total football amused and shocked every team, the West Germans found a way to defy them in the final and won the title at home. It will be a dream all European final also, for the first time in South America, where no European team has ever won the World Cup in last 9 such events. Germany will be confident as they will be reaching their 8th final, their last final was in 2002 World Cup where they lost against Brazil. But Netherlands can take inspiration from Germany’s record. Like the Germans lost the final of 1986 and won in 1990 World Cup, being the runners’ up of 2010 World Cup, the Dutch can emulate the same. On the other hand their own history may become a pain as in 1978 World Cup they failed to win despite reaching the final for the second consecutive edition.

Stats of Rivalry

    Biggest Win: 7-0 by Germany, 4-2 for Netherlands
    Maximmum Goals in a match: Draws: 5-5 and then 4-4

      Played: 40
      Germany: 15
      Netherlands: 10
      Draw: 15

    World Cup: Germany 2, Netherlands 0, Draw 1

      1974 Final: West Germany def Netherlands 2-1
      1978: Draw 2-2
      1990: West Germany def Netherlands 2-1

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