BWF World Championships 2010: China Grabs 5 Golds Again

Paris, France: China is the undisputed leader of the Badminton World. Winning all 5 Gold Medals in the BWF World Championships 2010 in Paris, China asserted its supremacy over the Rest of the World and confirmed that others lag way behind when it comes to mental toughness.

BWF World Championships 2010: The Winners

Mental toughness is the only factor differentiating Chinese players from the players of Rest of the World. When it comes to major championships even a lower ranked player is more confident than the top seeds representing Rest of the World. 6th seed Lin Wang not only defeated counrymate 3rd seed Wang Xin in the final, but has also defeated the 2nd seed Indian Saina Nehwal.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark and India felt the tremor when their players representing the top seeds in different events where humbled by lower ranked Chinese players.

Chinese also had their share of set backs. Their top seeds also tumbled in the tournament full of upsets. Yet, in the end the baton was successfully held by other Chinese players. With 8 of the 10 finalists belonging to China, and all finals having at least one team/player of China, 5 Golds were there to grab.

China grabbed all five, the players even defeated the Malaysian top seeds in the final of the Men’s Doubles. Paris was turned into Beijing, their home ground. China is the only team to have grabbed all 5 Golds in World Championships. They achieved it in 1987 at Beijing World Championships. Now, they have conquered Europe too by repeating the feat of 5 Golds in Paris.

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