BWF World Championships 2010: 8 of the 10 Finalists are Chinese

Paris, France: The Badminton World Championships decided the finalists for all 5 events of the tournament. Many formiddable names were missing as only Women’s Doubles final represents the top 2 seeds. In fact the top seed in the Men’s Doubles is the only other top 2 seed to enter the finals of the event. Besides series of upsets, the most remarkable feature is the supremacy of Chinese continuing unchallenged.

Women’s Doubles remained the only event of 2010 World Championships were the top 2 seeds entered the final. 8 of the 10 finalists teams are from China. Wang Xin has the best chance to become top seed in Women’s Singles now with her final entry. At present she is seeded 3.

Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Women’s Singles final will remain an all-Chinese affair. Men’s Singles has Taufik Hidaya of Indonesia. Men’s Doubles has the top seed Malaysian.

China has the best chance of repeating their feat of winning all events. They are the only country to have accomplished it once in World Championships. They have already improved their number of entries in final. Compared to 7 teams in 2009 finals in Hyderabad, where they won 4 Golds, in Paris they have 8 representatives in the finals.

Semifinal Losers: Representatives of Denmark (2 teams), Korea (2 teams), and Chinese Taipei (1 team) failed to past the Chinese Hurdle in semifinals. Even the 2nd seed Indonesian Men’s doubles team has to succumb to Chinese 5th seed.

Quarterfinal Losers: Remarkably in QF 14 teams from China were present. 11 of them reached SF and 8 of them reached the final now. In QF besides China, (14 teams), there were teams from Denmark (5 teams), Korea (5 teams), Chinese Taipei (5 teams), Indonesia (3 teams), Japan (3 teams), Malaysia (2 teams), India (2 teams), France (1 team)

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