Cadet World Championships 2017: Indian Girls Earn Best Ever finish as India Returns With 8 medals

Indian Winners at Cadet World Championship 2017

Indian women won 2 Gold medals and 4 Bronze medals to earn 69 points that helped them finish second behind Japan (94 points) ahead of Russia (58 points). Boys teams won 2 silver medals in Greco Roman and had three unsuccessful attempts on medal matches in Free Style. Overall, this was India’s best performance at Cadet World Championships. Check the complete summary of Indians participation in all three groups with results for all the Indian wrestlers at Cadet World Championships 2017.

Check All Results: Gold for Sonam, Silver for Ashu, Gold for Anshu

Summary of Performances in All three groups

    Girls Group: 2 Gold, 5 Bronze, 2 Bronze match lost
    Boys Greco Roman: 2 Silver Won, 1 Bronze lost
    Boys Free Style: Two Semifinal losses, Three Bronze medal matches lost
    4 Finalists (2 each from Boys and Girls)
    Lost in Semifinals: 6 (4 Girls, 2 Boys)

Medal Winners for India

    2 Gold: 56 Kg for Sonam Malik, 60 Kg Gold medal for Anshu
    2 Silver: 58 Kg Sonu and 69 KG Ashu (Greco-Roman)
    4 Bronze: 40 Kg Simran, 43 Kg Neelam, 46 KG Manisha, 52 KG Minakshi (All by Women)

Girls Group: 2 Gold, 4 Bronze, 2 Bronze match lost

    38 KG Mamata Maruti Keloji lost Bronze medal match
    40 Kg Simran won Bronze
    43 Kg Neelam won Bronze
    46 KG Manisha won Bronze
    49 Kg Ankush lost 1/8
    52 KG Minakshi won Bronze
    56 Kg Gold for Sonam
    60 Kg Gold medal for Anshu
    65 Kg Tina lost QF
    70 Kg Karuna lost Bronze medal match

Greco Roman: 2 Silver Won, 1 Bronze lost

    42 Kg Arshad lost Bronze medal match
    46 Kg Natha Lahu Pawar lost 1/8
    50 Kg Yogesh lost 1/8
    54 Kg Bapu Vasant Kolekar lost 1/8
    58 Kg Sonu won Silver medal
    63 Kg Honeypal Singh lost Qualification
    69 KG Ashu won Silver
    76 Kg Deepak lost 1/8
    85 Kg Neeraj lost Qualification
    100 Kg Aawesh lost 1/8

Free Style: Two Semifinal losses, Three Bronze medal matches lost

    42 Kg None
    46 Kg Madhukar Igave
    1/8 def Sumiyabazar (Mongolia) 16-10
    QF lost to Magomed (Russia) 0-10
    50 Kg Ajay Puri lost in 1/8, won Qualification
    54 Kg Himanshu Kumar lost Bronze medal match
    58 KG Rahul lost Bronze medal match after winning Repechage
    63 Kg Rohit reached QF
    69 Kg Vishal Kaliramana lost in Qualification
    76 Kg Parveen Malik lost QF
    85 KG Sandeep Singh Mann lost Bronze medal match
    100 Kg Aawesh lost 1/8 after winning qualification

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