Can Sehwag or Tendulkar grab Sanga’s Man of the Series Award!!

PSO Colombo, Sri Lanka: At the end of 2nd day of the third test between India and Sri Lanka, Sehwag and Tendulkar returned undefeated to the pavillion. Interestingly in the 3-test series dominated by the batsmen, mostly from Sri Lanka, Sangakkara is all set to grab the man of the series. Sehwag and Tendulkar are closest to him, but still need more than 100 runs to get pass Sanga.

Sangakkara has led from the front. Despite batting on almost dead pitches, all batsmen did not fail. How can one explain the failure of class batsmen like Dravid and dangerous Laxman throughout the series!! Sangakkara, Mahela, Paranavitana, Samaraweera and Dilshan (all scoring more htan 200 runs in the series so far) have excelled for SL. For India only Sehwag and Tendulkar remained consistent throughout the series.

Sangakkara has played 4 innings in 3 tests. He has already scored two centuries, including his 7th double century. His total of 439 runs is way ahead of Sehwag and Tendulkar who (after 2nd day of 3rd test) have scored 336 and 335, respectively. Sangakkara will surely play his 5th innings of the series and with the kind of form he is in, he might score at least a half century again. Remember out of his 4 innings only once he had not got past 50. Then he remained not out on 42 runs in the 2nd inning of 2nd test, when he decided to declare to concede a draw.

Sehwag and Tendulkar started well in the first test. Sehwag went on to score his 20th century, while Tendulkar was out on 85 runs in the first innings. Second innings was a forgettable one for all the Indians as they were too busy in gifting Muralitharan a perfect farewell with a test win. In 2nd test, Sehwag was out on 99 runs, Tendulkar scored his 5th double century and 48th century. At present both look good to score some more runs.

With the pitch appearing to be result-oriented, even Sehwag and Tendulkar might get the chance of batting again in what could be their last Test innings of the series. Unless India wins the match, which it should from the stron position India is in the, even long innings from both can not stop Sanga from grabbing the MoS award.

Both need a longer inning than just a century, not just to put India on top, but also to get past Sangakkara to become leading test scorer of this 3-test series against Sri Lanka. On the other hand, if SL wins the series Sangakkara will easily grab the award.

As Samaraweera accepted, Sehwag is the key player to win India the match and equalize and also to get past Sangakkara to grab the Man of the series.

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