Can the Debutant Venue “Evil’ Dominica Save West Indies!!

Dominica of West Indies is set to be the 106th test venue in the World of Cricket. Fairy Tales of Barbaric Barbados did not help WI draw the series. They are on the verge of losing third consecutive series against India. The venue is new for Test, yet ODI history can term it as evil for WI. Can the new Test venue help WI draw level!!

West Indies are already 1-0 down. After losing the first test by a slender margin, they failed to be part of the fairytale associated with the Barbarism of West Indies against India at Barbados and could barely manage to draw the test. Now in the last test of the series, they must win to devoid India complete a hattrick of series wins, having already win 2002-03 series 2-0 and 2006 series 1-0.

Windsor Park in Roseau
The venue is new for Test cricket and West Indies. But, it has been tested with 4 international ODIs. Unfortunately West Indies have lost all the four matches. They lost first two against Bangladesh and other two against South Africa. 4 consecutive losses is enough to term Dominica as Evil venue for West Indies. Yet, Test matches are completely different from ODIs.

In 2009 when WI lost the matches, West Indies had just started restructing the team. Now, with experience of many series being played under new captain with a completely revamped team, the good performance is coming up. They did draw the series against dangerous Pakistan, which they might have won too.

Can Dominicans Expect Good Leisure Time!!
Now, even in First test WI looked like threatening India. Somehow India won the see-saw battle. Second Test saw WI deviating. Yet, bowling of Edwards, Rampaul, Bishoo and even Sammy has been impressive. With some tweaks here and there the team can defeat the already-nervous Indian team and level the series.

Dominica (Latin) that means Sunday was named by Columbus. Also nicknamed as Nature Isle of the Carribean, Dominicans will hope that Indian match will boost their tourism industry (which forms core national earning opportunity with agriculture), yet they would not want Indian players to enjoy in leisure on Windsor Ground as they want their home team to register a win, at least on the debut test of their venue.

Dominicans will surely pray first and then party if the home team starts with a win on the debut venue. Although, the forecast of intermittent rain may help them half, as at least their team will not lose the debut test of Dominica if rain enforces a draw.

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