Caribbeans: The King of Good Times

The West Indies ruled the game of cricket for more than a decade in the past with two back to back world cups. They are still respected by cricket lovers as most stylish and classic players who smile even in tough times—that is why known as King of Good Times.

Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards are the kings of this wonderful game and inspiration to many youngsters who want to make it big. They played the game with consistent performance and class for many years. Cricket lovers can never forget those glorious moments, when cricket was actually a gentlemen’s game; they was no hue and cry about wining it was all about playing and giving tough competition to opponents. In this generation it’s just a money game, all play for the sake of money not for the glory.

West Indies are still the same today, who play for the glory and may be that is the reason why they lost that charm of wining. In reality, time has come now for them to bring back those unforgettable moments again in this world cup.

Pollard, Bravo, Chanderpaul, and Gayle can do this for them and all they need is our whole hearted support. All West Indies fans can join me in this movement to support the Kings of Good Times to rule to the kingdom of cricket again.

Oo la la la ya oh oo la la la ya oh….

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