Chess Olympiad: Draw Takes Indian Teams to 5th, Need Miracle for Bronze in Final Round

Indian Men and Women’s team had to settle for a draw in the penultimate round and now in the Final round tomorrow, at least for the Bronze medal, they do not only need a win but also some other favoring results from other matches. Both the teams are placed at 5th position after Round 10 and both have earned 15 points. Women’s team is tied at joint 3rd with 6 team and with a win can, while Men’s team is competing with 7 teams for a Bronze now.

When Indian Men Reached top
Indian Results for Every Rounds: Women, Men
Daily Results: Open Section, Women’s Section
History of Chess Olympiad: Women’s Section, Open Section

Schedule for Final Round
5th placed Indian Women vs 7th placed USA
6th placed Indian Men vs 6th placed Norway

Current Positions in Women’s Section

    18 Points China – Score 28.5
    16 Points Russia – Score 27.5
    15 Points Poland – Score 29.5
    15 Points Ukraine – Score 27.5
    15 Points India – Score 26.0
    15 Points Hungary – Score 25.5
    15 Points USA – Score 25.0
    15 Points Bulgaria – Score 26.0

Current Positions in Open Section

    18 Points USA – Score 29.0
    18 Points Ukraine – Score 27.5
    16 Points Russia – Score 29.0
    15 Points Canada – Score 29.0
    15 Points India – Score 25.5
    15 Points Norway – Score 24.5
    15 Points Slovenia – Score 26.5
    15 Points England – Score 24.5
    15 Points IPeru – Score 24.5
    15 Points Italy – Score 25.0

Indian Women’s Team Result of Round 10: drew 2-2 with Ukraine

    Harika (White) drew A Muzychuk
    Padmini Rout (Black) drew M Muzychuk
    Tania Sachdeva (White) def Zhukova
    Soumya (Black) lost to Ushenina

Indian Men’s Team Result of Round 10: Drew 2-2 with Russia

    Harikrishna, P. (White) def Karjakin
    Adhiban, B. (Black) lost to Kramnik
    Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi (White) drew Nepomniachtc
    Sethuraman, S.P. (Black) drew Grischuk

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