Chess Olympiad: History of Women’s Event

2018 Chess Olympiad is 29th edition for Women’s section. Unlike Open Section, Women’s section started in 1957 when it was hosted at Emmen, Netherlands. Soviet Union dominated the event from inaugural edition. From 1988 to 2004 Hungary and China challenged the supremacy of disintegrated parts of Soviet Union. Defending Champion Russia has won thrice consecutively. Check complete record of Women’s section winners and other statistics.

Daily Results: Women’s Section, Open Section
History of Chess Olympiad Open Section
Indian Results: 2016 , 2018

Women’s Section Statistics of Chess Olympiad

    6 Consecutive Gold for Soviet Union from 1957-1974, when Women’s section were held separately.
    From 1976 Women’s Section was held with Open section.
    From 1972, women’s section has been a biennial event.
    1976 edition was boycotted by Soviet Union and Other communist countries.
    Only medal (Gold) for Israel came when it hosted and majority boycotted.


    11: Soviet Union (1957-1974, 1978-86)
    5: China (1998-2004, 2016)
    4: Georgia (1992, 1994, 1996, 2008),
    3: Russia (2010-2014)
    2: Hungary (1988, 1990)
    1: Israel (1976), Ukraine (2006)

7 nations won Gold medals among 15 medal winners in Women’s Section.

    13: Soviet Union (11G, 2S)
    13: China (4G, 4S, 4B)
    9: Russia (3G, 3S, 3B), Hungary (2G, 5S, 2B)
    7: Georgia (4G, 1S, 2B), Romania (5S, 2B)
    7: Ukraine (1G, 3S, 3B)
    4: Germany (4B)
    2: Yugoslavia (1S, 1B), Bulgaria (1S, 1B), USA (1S, 1B), Poland (B)
    1: Israel (1G), England (1S), Czechoslovakia (1B), Spain (1B)

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