CL Twenty20: Bowling and Fielding Statistics After 2 Matches each

Durban, South Africa: All the teams in both the groups have now played 2 matches each. SAR and MI have played 3 matches. J Theron of Warriors have emerged as the most consistent bowler, while Christian of South Australia is the highest wicket taker. Dhoni is most successful behind the wickets. Here is the statistics of bowling and fielding after completion of first 2 matches of all the teams.

Results of All Matches
Points Table
Batting Statistics After 2 Matches each
Team Statistics After 2 Matches each
Best Partnerships

Bowling Records
Highest Wickets

    7 Christian (SAR) in 3 matches
    6: J Theron, Ashwin, Malinga, Tait
    4: Balaji, Morkel, Ntini, AW O’Brien

3 wickets or more in an inning

    18/4 Ashwin (CSK) Vs Wayamba
    23/4 Christian (SAR) Vs RCB
    3 wickets: J Theron (Twice), Kallis, Balaji, Morkel, Malinga, Bishoo, Tait

Best Economy (Minimum 7 overs bowled)

    3.48 Bollinger in 7.1 overs
    4.37 Kumble in 8 overs
    5.25 Botha in 8 overs
    5.28 Balaji in 7 overs
    5.57 Herath in 7 overs
    5.62 Theron in 8 overs
    5.75 Ashwin in 8 overs
    5.86 Muralitharan in 7.1 overs

Most Runs Conceded in an innings

    49 runs AW O’Brien (SAR) in 4 overs VS MI
    47 runs Harwood (Victoria) & Welegedera (Wayamba)
    46 runs Bravo (MI) and Wintz (Guyana(
    45 runs Zaheer Khan (MI) and Mendis (Wayamba)
    44 runs EA Crandon
    41 runs Z de Bruyn

Fielding Records
Most Catches

    4: Kreusch, Muralitharan, Harris
    3: Ashwell Prince, Saurabh Tiwary, Ferguson

Most Dismissals

    7 (4ct, 3st) Dhoni (CSK)
    4 (3ct, 1st) Manou (SAR)
    3 (2ct, 1st) Wade (Victoria)

Most Dismissals in an Inning

    4 Dhoni
    3 Dhoni
    2 Uthappa, Wade and Manou

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