CLT20 2014 Qualifier: On the Last Day MI has Edge in Final Scenario

AS the four teams in contention play their 3rd and last qualifying matches today to send two qualifiers, Northern Districts have got the best chance with two wins and good NRR already. Southern Express (Sri Lanka) has got the least chance losing both. But still they are not out of contention. Mumbai Indians are second best so far, but still not through. Check the scenarios in which all four can qualify or get knocked out.

Northern Districts and Mumbai Indians, 2011 CL T20 Champions and 2013 IPL Champions, have a benefit of knowing what exactly they will need to do as they play the last game of the qualifying round and would know the standings of Lahore Lions and Southern Express. The best for them would be the win of Southern Express by a slightly margin. Then in case of close defeat, Mumbai Indians can qualify along with Northern Districts.

Current Situation after 2 matches each

Team Won Lost Points NRR
Northern Districts 2 0 8 +2.684
Mumbai Indians 2 1 1 +0.498
Lahore Lions 1 1 4 -1.496
Southern Express 0 2 0 -1.670

Northern Districts

    A Win is the easiest route. No NRR count required.
    A loss with a close margin, enough to keep their NRR ahead of Mumbai Indians or Lahore Lions (if they defeat SL team)

Mumbai Indians

    First must win.
    Second ensure their NRR goes above Northern Districts so that Lahore Lions can’t catch them even if they win.

Lahore Lions

    Same as of Mumbai Indians. First they must win.
    Second they must win big to ensure their NRR goes very close to Northern Districts.

Southern Express

    First they must win big to get NRR above Lahore Lions, at least.
    Second sit and pray for a big loss of Mumbai Indians so that their NRR becomes second best in the group.

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