England Performance in T20 World Cup

England has won 11 and lost 10 matches in their 22 matches of the last four T20 World Cups.

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Placed in Group B with Australia and Zimbabwe, Lost all matches in Super Eight against South Africa, New Zealand and India in Group E.

    1. Def Zimbabwe by 50 runs.
    2. Lost to Australia by 8 wickets.
    3. Lost to South Africa by 19 runs.
    4. Lost to New Zealand by 5 runs.
    5. Lost to India by 18 runs.

Won both the Group B matches, but in the Super Eight Group E won only one match playing against South Africa, West Indies and India.

    1. Def Netherlands by 4 wickets.
    2. Def Pakistan by 48 runs.
    3. Lost to South Africa by 7 wickets.
    4. Def India by 3 runs.
    5. Lost to West Indies by 5 wickets.

Lucky to sail into Super Eight from Group D, they won the tournament reaching their first knockout.

    1. Lost to West Indies by 8 wickets.
    2. No Result against Ireland.
    3. Def India by 6 wickets.
    4. Def South Africa by 39 runs.
    5. Def New Zealand by 3 wickets.
    6. Def Sri Lanka by 7 wickets in semifinal.
    7. Def Australia by 7 wickets in Final.

Group A

    1. Def Afghanistan by 116 runs.
    2. Lost to India by 90 runs.
    Group 1
    3. Lost to West Indies to 15 runs.
    4. Def New Zealand by 6 wickets.
    5. Lost to Sri Lanka by 19 runs.

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