Even in Humiliation, Clarke Stands Tall

Winning and losses are part of game. Nobody has been invincible in Cricket. Some has won more, some lost more. Some lost badly, some were witness to humiliations of their team. While winning creates a champion, losing creates a personality. In Sports, that personality represents the nation’s Character too. After being devastated by India after second consecutive loss, the losing Aussie captain Michael Clarke has emerged as an inspiring personality. While the loss cannot be wiped, his comments showed he means business and intends to fight by adapting rather than losing heart.

The second test at Hyderabad finished 5 sessions before and without any fight India now leads the series 2-0 in the 4-match series. The hosts are well placed to whitewash the Aussies and avenge their Down Under cleaning. It is ironical that India’s magical captain Dhoni, who is the most successful Indian test captain now with 22 wins, has a different approach when his team was getting humiliated first in England and then in Australia.

As England and Australia cannot play spin in subcontinent, Indian team has historically found it difficult to adapt to pace abroad. The equation is equal. Losses in Away matches are expected for most of these teams. A win comes as a shocker, while a draw is enough to gain respect. Yet a sportsperson represents a nation, specially when the person in question is the captain of the team, and more so if that captain is an icon of the nation.

Clarke got in legacy a team that was very weak when compared to the team of Ponting. Still despite various experimentation the team has overall not slipped down in ranking. In fact it has remained in the top 4 in test matches and ODIs.

Before coming to India, it was a foregone conclusion that this weak team lacking experience in batting and bowling suitable to subcontinent will lose. In fact saving the whitewash may be considered an achievement. It may be shocking for Australia, who are in the habit of winning since decades. But for India off late it has almost became a habit.

But the approach to these losses have made Clarke stand tall amidst the ruins. Specially when the Indian icon Dhoni has a completely different view on losses in England and Australia.

To Quote: Dhoni responded to one question saying that as India hardly plays abroad he does not see the need to planning to face pacers.

This came despite knowing why India was defeated. The approach announced the casual approach of Indian captain. Indian fans were shocked to get that explanation.

After facing only two losses, Clarke has a different take on the same issue. He blamed everybody, including himself and asking everyone to work harder sent the message that his intent is still to fight, not just wait for the end of the tour.

He is aware that even if his team loses 4-0, his captaincy and his place in the team is under no threat. Yet, this intent to fight against unfriendly pitches in the scary Indian condition has certainly made even Indians fall in love with him.

He had his own share of blames that include the omission of Katich, and now his role in selection of team which puts him equally responsible in deciding the playing XI and makes him eligible for many blames. Still his lines full of positive intent have made him emerge as the real Captain and one of the best Personality in Sports arena.

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