FIFA World Cup 2014 Final: Can Messi and Defence Stop Germany From Creating History!!

Germany and Argentina meet for the third time in FIFA World Cup final, the most between two teams. Brazil has defeated Italy twice in World Cup finals. The final has lot at stake. Individual Messi vs Best Team Argentina!! The German team is the best till now in the World Cup. But the Argentinian defence has been the best. Messi has been crowded by all teams, but Argentina kept winning. Germany will face the same wall, and unfortunately despite scoring 17 goals their defence is still evolving. That gives Argentina the edge in the final to level with Germany to win their third World Cup. But, as a team Germany has shown they have got answers to all the opponents. Messi needs to wait for next edition now to lift the cup. Joachim Loew would finally grab the cup for Germany in 3rd attempt.

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Record Third Meeting in Final

    Germany and Argentina have created a new record of meeting for maximum times in the World Cup final. They were earlier tied with Italy and Brazil playing twice in the final. While Brazil defeated Italy in both meetings at 1970 and 1994 World Cups. Argentina and Germany are tied with a win each. Now, they play the third final to decide the winner between them.

Statistics For Both Teams

    Germany plays its record 8th World Cup Final.
    Argentina plays its 5th final, being the only team to have never lost the semifinal.
    Germany eyes 4th title to get at par with Italy.
    Argentina eyes 3rd title to get at par with Germany.
    Meeting 7th time in World Cup, overall 21st Match.
    Scored 28 goals each so far in 20 matches.
    Germans won 4 of the 6 matches at World Cup, Argentina won 1986 Final.
    Argentina in WC Finals: 1930, 1978, 1986 and 1990
    Germany in WC Finals: 1954, 1966, 1974, 1982, 1986, 1990, 2002, 2014

Big Questions

    How Will the Germans stop Messi?
    How will the Germans penetrate the Argentinian defence against which Netherlands failed miserably?
    Will Klose extend his World record goal count of 16?
    Will the German defence finally come alive?
    Will Germany become the first European team to win at America?

Multiple competition during the FIFA World Cup final besides the obvious Messi vs Germany

    1. Can this World Cup be the biggest goal feast? 170 goals already. Need 2 more to break record of 171 goals in one WC.
    2. Will Germany catch Italy (4th cup) or Argentina catch Germany (3 cup)?
    3. Will Germany extend its record of losing maximum finals? It has already lost the most 4 finals, just ahead of 3 losses by Netherlands.
    4. Can Argentina level the titles number to 10 all vs Europeans? Europe leads with 10 cups vs 9 by Latinos.
    5. Can Argentina stop the hattrick of Europe? Italy (2006) and Spain (2010) have already won two consecutive titles for Europe.
    6. The biggest one is for Germany. Can they be the first European team to win in Latin America? For the last 7 editions, Europeans have failed in America.
    7. Can Mueller (5 goals) or Messi (4 goals) share Golden Boot or Snatch from James Rodriguez (6 goals)?

Attack: Germans Are Stronger

    Having already scored the highest 18 goals in the tournament, Germans are obviously the front runner for scoring few more.
    Depending too much on Messi, Argentina attack is strengthened by arrival of Aguero and return of Di Mario.

Defence: Argentina is Stronger

    Argentina defence has conceded only 3 goals. The goals were conceded in two matches, which they won. In remaining 4 goals they have not conceded any goal.
    German goalkeeper Neuer has made 28 saves, the second highest after 30 saves by USA goalkeeper. That tells a lot about their poor defence. Fortunately the only good attacking team they came across was Nigeria at Group Stage. Argentinian attack may be too hot to handle.

Team: Germans are the Best

    In 63 matches of World Cup 32 teams played in 2014. Some had good attack, some had good defence. Some had none. Only two teams could present a good mix of both. Netherlands finished 3rd and now Germans are left to fight for the title. Germany has played according to the opposition with different strategy. The results are for all to notice.
    Argentina hardly appears a team as the game completely revolves around Messi.

Individuals: Messi the Star

    The stardom of Messi has been the talk of World even before the World Cup. As a captain even in this World Cup he has done enough to gain further respect and appear more dangerous. He has already scored 4 goals and his crucial pass was the only moment that Argentina got to seal a win against Switzerland. In Quarterfinal and Semifinal the opposition could silence him but could not kill his impact.
    German team has lot of performers and team players. Muller, Klose, Schweinsteiger, Lahm and many more. But none is a star. Probably, good for them. Why do you need a star if the team wins without one?

World Cup: Germany 4, Argentina 1, Draw 1

    3-1 Germany def Argentina in 1958
    0-0 1966
    3-2 Argentina won 1986 Final
    1-0 Germany won 1990 Final
    4-2 (1-1) Germany won in 2006
    4-0 Germany won QF of 2010

Overall: 20 Matches

    Argentina: 9
    Germany: 7
    Draw: 4
    Goals: 28 each

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