FIFA World Cup 2014: Summary of 48 Matches at Group Stage

6 Europeans, 5 South Americans, 3 North Americans and 2 African countries qualified for the next group. None of the Asian Football (AFC) region team could qualify. In fact all the four teams representing AFC finished at the bottom and none could win any match. 9 matches resulted in a draw, five of them were goalless draws. Check the complete statistics of group stage qualification. Who qualified from which group, how much points they got, how many goals they scored, and also the comparison between the teams that have qualified.

FIFA World Cup 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Group Stage Recap

Summary: Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H
FIFA World Cup 2014: Points Table, Goal Statistics, Goal Scores, Groups and Team Qualification
History and Records: History of All Previous Editions, History of Hattricks, Who Reached Top Four in Previous Editions!!

Interesting Statistics of Group Stage

    None of the teams from Asia and Australia region qualified for the next round.
    Greece is the only team in Round of 16 whose goal difference is in negative.
    9 points earned by 4 teams who all won the 3 matches they played.
    7 points earned by 5 teams as they won 2 and drew 1.
    6 points earned by 3 teams as they won 2 matches.
    4 points earned by 4 teams as they won one match and drew one.
    10 goals, as Netherlands scored the highest number of goals followed by Colombia.
    4 goals is maximum goals hit at group stage by Muller, Messi and Neymar.

Performance of Nations From Different Zones

    Out of 13 Europeans teams, 6 Qualified for the 2nd round.
    Out of 6 South American teams, 5 qualified. Only Ecuador failed to qualify.
    Out of 4 North American countries 3 qualified. Only Honduras failed.
    Out of 5 African countries 2 qualified.
    Out of 4 Asian Football Confederation teams (including Australia) none qualified.

Name of Qualifying teams from each group

    Group A: Brazil, Mexico
    Group B: Netherlands, Chile
    Group C: Colombia, Greece
    Group D: Costa Rica, Uruguay
    Group E: France, Switzerland
    Group F: Argentina, Nigeria
    Group G: Germany, USA
    Group H: Belgium, Algeria

Points Earned by Qualifying teams from each group

    9 Points: Netherlands (Group B), Colombia (Group C), Argentina (Group F), Belgium (Group H)
    7 Points: Brazil, Mexico (Group A), Costa Rica (Group D), France (Group E), Germany (Group G)
    6 Points: Chile (Group B), Uruguay (Group D), Switzerland (Group E)
    4 Points: Greece (Group C), Nigeria (Group F), United States (Group G), Algeria (Group E)

Goals and Points of Teams Reaching Round of 16
GS=Goals Scored, GC=Goals conceded, GD= Goal difference, P=Points

Team Groups GS GC GD Points
Netherlands B 10 3 +7 9
Colombia C 9 2 +7 9
Argentina F 6 3 +3 9
Belgium H 4 1 +3 9
France E 8 2 +6 7
Germany G 7 2 +5 7
Brazil A 7 2 +5 7
Costa Rica D 4 1 +3 7
Mexico D A 1 +3 7
Chile B 5 3 +2 6
Switzerland E 7 6 +1 6
Uruguay D 4 4 0 6
Algeria H 6 5 +1 4
USA G 4 4 0 4
Nigeria F 3 3 0 4
Greece C 2 4 -2 4

Zonewise Qualification

    Europe: Netherlands, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium
    Group E became the only team to send two European teams.
    SOuth American Teams: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia
    North American: Mexico, Costa Rica, USA
    Africa: Nigeria, Algeria

Goals Scored by Each Group

    Summary: Group B: 22 Goals
    Group E: 19 Goals
    Group A: 18 Goals
    Group C: 17 Goals
    Group C: 17 Goals
    Group H: 14 Goals
    Group F: 14 Goals
    Group D: 12 Goals scored

9 matches resulted in a draw, five of them were goalless draws.

    0-0: Iran Vs Nigeria, Brazil Vs Mexico, Japan Vs Greece, and Costa Rica Vs England, Ecuador Vs France 0-0
    1-1: Russia Vs Korea , Algeria Vs Russia
    2-2 Germany Vs Ghana , USA Vs Portugal 2-2

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