FIFA World Cup: One Time Semifinalists of World Cup

In 19 editions of FIFA World Cup, there has been only Eight teams that qualified for the semifinal only once. The miracle has taken place in 7 editions of Football World Cup. 2002 World Cup was the most surprising among all editions as there were two new and one-time semifinalists. Interestingly, none of these one timers have moved beyond semifinals. 2014 Football World Cup threatens to rewrite the history as there are two new teams knocking at the door of their first semifinal ever. Costa Rica and Colombia pose a real threat and even experts would have second thought in considering them underdogs of quarterfinals.

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List of Teams Reaching Semifinal Only Once

    1930: USA
    1962: Chile
    1966: Soviet Union
    1986: Belgium
    1994: Bulgaria
    1998: Croatia
    2002: Turkey, South Korea

USA reached the semifinal among the 6 teams that participated in the 1930 World Cup. Since then they reached the quarterfinal only once in 2002 World Cup. Interestingly most of these teams were one time wonder. Croatia, Turkey and South Korea failed to perform better before or after their only semifinal entry.

Soviet Union was a force. But it could reach the semifinal only once. South Korea and Chile were the host when qualified for the semifinals.

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