First Test Review: Anderson & Indian Force A Result, Eng One Up

The final day had a simple calculation. English fans prayed for 9 wickets. Indian fans prayed for a repeat of rain as they knew despite being number one ranked and loaded with top guns of batting, India rarely survives 3 sessions that too when the condition is challenging. Finally rain did not come. 100th test between India and England and 2000th Test match at Lord’s justifiably earned a result, in favor of the hosts and the pioneers of Cricket in the World.

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Ind vs Eng 2011 Series: First Test Preview
First Day Review
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Three Sessions
The sessions today were about India’s ability to survive. With Gambhir and Dhoni not completely fit. Zaheer also being hard hit by hamstring, India had effectively 7 batsmen (Mukund already being out on 4th day) to save them the test. Chasing the high total was not their cup of tea. But the day started with bad news when the Wall collapsed leaving all the cracks visible to English teams. Anderson, like a bull goes mad after seeing red, wrecked havoc on the remaining Indian batsmen. Grabbing his 11th 5-wicket haul in the company of Broad who grabbed 3 wickets he did not let the Indian team recover.

None survived. Even Laxman could score just a half-century. Tendulkar and Gambhir too followed after getting into tens. Dhoni disappointed again. Raina was the lone fighter scoring his 4th test fifty. Tailenders came to bat as everyball has to reach in the hands of crowd.

Anderson Shines Again
For no reason he has been termed as England’s leading bowler. His line and length was unplayable. With every ball he appeared to be eying a wicket. In the end his 11th 5-wicket haul at Lord’s led England to victory bringing down the famed batting line up of World Number 1 team in 96 overs.

Pathetic Indian Batting
The Indian batsmen, except Raina, Laxman and Dravid, played as if their wickets were for sale. The sooner they could find a buyer they could return to the pavillion and enjoy a sip of coffee or may be Champagne. After all Lord’s pavillion has its own charm. Why should not the players want to sit there. Only Raina, Laxman and Dravid showed the guts to defy the pavillion’s charm. Although they perished, yet they fought and tried to play a test match. Others just stretched the game by few overs helping more sale of eateries in the stands as the game went past tea before the last wicket fell.

What now in Series
With Dhoni likely to be banned, Zaheer doubtful even for second test, gambhir having picked a serious injury, the second test appears to promise an Indian team with many new faces. Indian bowlers could just take 14 wickets. Indian batsmen could somehow cross 250 runs in both innings. A lot to introspect for India, if they are to put behind the customary loss of first test and pose a challenge in the series.

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