Glasgow 2014: 14 Indian Judokas Earn 4 Medals, 9 Get Into Final Four

India has sent 7 Men and 7 Women Judokas to Glasgow Commonwealth games. Overall they earned 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Three of the medals were earned by women contingents, 4 from the Men’s team and 5 from the Women’s Team reached the Final four stage. 5 of them finished 4th. Three of them could not proceed beyond First round, one lost the quarterfinal match, while the 14th Judoka could not cross Round of 16 border. Overall 9 out of 14 reached the semifinal, which is indeed a good result. In terms of medals, Judo became the 5th most successful sports of India in Glasgow 2014. Let us check the judokas who participated and their individual performances.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014: List of Medal Winners of India
SUmmary: Shooting, Athletics

Participation: 14 Judokas
Men’s: 7 Judokas

    Navjot Chana (-60 Kg), Manjeet Nandal (-66 Kg), Balvinder Singh (-73 Kg), Vikender Singh (-81 Kg), Avtar Singh (-90 Kg), Sahil Pathania (-100 Kg), Parikshit Kumar (+100 Kg)

Women’s: 7 Judokas

    Sushila Likmabam (-48 Kg), Kalpana Thoudam (-52 Kg), Shivani (-57 Kg), Garima Chaudhary (-63 Kg), Sunibala Huidrom (-70 Kg), Jina Devi Chongtham (-78 Kg), Rajwinder Kaur (+78 Kg)

Silver Medallists
Sushila Likmabam Women’s -48 Kg

    Round of 16: Def Marie MEDZA EFFA (CMR)
    QF: Def Amy Meyer (AUS)
    SF: Def Chloe Rayner (AUS)
    Final: Lost to Kimberley Renicks (SCO)

Navjot Chana Men’s -60 Kg

    Round of 32: Bye
    Round of 16: Def Tom Pappas (AUS)
    QF: Def Brandon Dodge (WAL)
    SF: Def Daniel De La Grange (RSA)
    Final:Lost to Ashley Mckenzie (ENG)

Bronze Medallists
Kalpana Thoudam Women’s -52 Kg

    Round of 16: Bye
    QF: Def Hannah Trotter (CMR)
    SF: Lost to Louise Renicks (SCO)
    Bronze: Def Christianne Legentil (MRI)

Rajwinder Kaur Women’s +78 Kg

    Round of 16: Bye
    QF: Lost to Jodie Myers (ENG)
    Repechage: Def Sophie Vaillancourt (CAN)
    Bronze: Def Esther Akinyi Ratugi (KEN)

Finished 4th
Sunibala Huidrom Women’s -70 kg

    Round of 16: Def Memory Zikhale (BOT)
    QF: Lost to Catherine Arscott (AUS)
    Repechage: Def Monika Burgess (CAN)
    Bronze: Lost to Sally Conway (SCO)

Jina Devi Chongtham Women’s -78 kg

    Round of 16: Bye
    QF: Lost to Ana Laura Portuondo (CAN)
    Repechage: Bye
    Bronze: Lost to Hortense Mballa Atangana (CMR)

Manjeet Nandal Men’s (-66 Kg)

    Round of 32: Def Jeremy Saywell (MLT)
    Round of 16: Def Jeremy Saywell (MLT)
    QF: Lost to colin Oates (ENG)
    Repechage: Def Dieudonne Nama Etoga (CMR)
    Bronze: Lost to Siyabulela Mabulu (RSA)

Sahil Pathania Men’s (-100 Kg)

    Round of 32: Bye
    Round of 16: Def Raymond Normeshie (GHA)
    QF: Lost to Jason Kosters (GHA)
    Repechage: Def Dominic Dugasse (SEY)
    Bronze: Lost to Tim Slyfield (NZL)

Parikshit Kumar Men’s (+100 Kg)

    Round of 32: Bye
    Round of 16: Def Muhammad Ruzaini Abdul Razak (MAS)
    QF: Lost to Sam Rosser (NZL)
    Repechage: Def Gavin Mcneill (NIR)
    Bronze: Lost to Jake Andrewartha (AUS)

Knocked out After 1st Round
Garima Chaudhary Women’s -63 Kg: Quartert Final

    Round of 16: Def Bibiene Fopa (CMR)
    QF: Lost to Sarah Clark (SCO)
    Repechage: Lost to Katie Jemima Yeats-Brown (ENG)

Avtar Singh Men’s 90 Kg: 2nd Round

    1st Round: Bye
    2nd Round: Lost to Matthew Purssey (SCO)

Knocked out in 1st Round
Shivani Women’s -57 Kg

    1st Round: Lost to Jessica Klimkait (CAN)

Balvinder Singh Men’s -73 Kg

    1st Round: Lost to Edson Madeira (MOZ)

Vikender Singh Men’s -81 Kg

    1st Round: Lost to Ombga Fouda (CMR)

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