History of Football in Olympics: USA Leads, No Gold for Brazil

2012 Olympics provided a new Gold medalist when Mexico won the Football medal. Even in Olympics the most popular game of the World, Football has been played in every Olympics, except 1896 and 1932. Women’s Football started in 1996 only. Hungary and Great Britain have won maximum 3 gold medals in Men’s event. Overall Brazil may have won second best 6 medals (USA leads with 7 medals), it is yet to win a Gold medal after their third silver, at 2012. Check the complete record of football in Olympics.

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Football Olympic Facts

    Brazil’s best finish is Three silver in 1984, 1988 and 2012.
    Ghana is the first African Country to win a medal (Bronze in 1992) In Olympics Football
    None of the Asian Countries have won Olympic Football Gold.
    Argentina and Uruguay with 2 Gold are most successful from South America.
    Nigeria and Cameroon have won a gold medal each for Africa.
    China and Japan have won a medal each (both in Women’s event) for Asia.
    Overall including both event, USA has won maximum 7 medals (4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze), followed by Brazil with 6 medals (4 Silver and 2 Bronze).
    USA (in Women’s) has won maximum 4 Golds.
    Hungary and Britain have won maximum 3 Gold each.

Women’s Goal Facts

    USA player has never been the highest goal scorer of an Olympic event.
    Brazilian Pretinha (4 in 1996), Cristiane (5 each in 2004 and 2008) have been the highest goal scorers in an Olympic.
    Sun Wen (China) with 4 goals led the event in 2000.
    6 Goals in 2012 by Christine Sinclair of Canada is the highest number of goals in one Olympic.

Women’s Football Olympics Medals

    1996 Gold (USA), Silver (China), Bronze (Norway)
    2000 Gold (Norway), Silver (USA), Bronze (Germany)
    2004 Gold (USA), Silver (Brazil), Bronze (Germany)
    2008 Gold (USA), Silver (Brazil), Bronze (Germany)
    2012 Gold (USA), Silver (Japan), Bronze (Canada)
    2016: See Details

Men’s Goal Record

    Ferenc Bene (Hungary) scored maximum 12 goals in an Olympics (1964).
    1956 saw Indian Neville D’Souza scoring highest goal (4) during the Tournament alongwith two other players.
    Brazilian Romario (7 goals in 1988), Bebeto (6 goals in 1996) and Damiao Leandro (6 Goals in 2012) have been the highest goal scorers during particular Olympic event.

Men’s Football Medal Winners in Olympics

    1900 Gold (Great Britain), Silver (France), Bronze (Belgium)
    1904 1900 Gold (Canada), Silver (USA), Bronze (USA)
    1908 Gold (Great Britain), Silver (Denmark), Bronze (Netherland)
    1912 Gold (Great Britain), Silver (Denmark), Bronze (Netherland)
    1920 Gold (Belgium), Silver (Spain), Bronze (Netherland)
    1924 Gold (Uruguay), Silver (Switzerland), Bronze (Sweden)
    1928 Gold (Uruguay), Silver (Argentina), Bronze (Italy)
    1932 Los Angeles Not Included in Olympic Games
    1936 Gold (Italy), Silver (Austria), Bronze (Norway)
    1948 Gold (Sweden), Silver (Yugoslavia), Bronze (Denmark)
    1952 Gold (Hungary), Silver (Yugoslavia), Bronze (Sweden)
    1956 Gold (Soviet Union), Silver (YUgoslavia), Bronze (Bulgaria)
    1960 Gold (Yugoslavia), Silver (Denmark), Bronze (Hungary)
    1964 Gold (Hungary), Silver (Czechoslovakia), Bronze (Germany)
    1968 Gold (Hungary), Silver (Bulgaria), Bronze (Japan)
    1972 Gold (Poland), Silver (Hungary), Bronze (Soviet Union & East Germany)
    1976 Gold (East Germany), Silver (Poland), Bronze (Soviet Union)
    1980 Gold (Czechoslovakia), Silver (East Germany), Bronze (Soviet Union)
    1984 Gold (France), Silver (Brazil), Bronze (Yugoslavia)
    1988 Gold (Soviet Union), Silver (Brazil), Bronze (West Germany)
    1992 Gold (Spain), Silver (Poland), Bronze (Ghana)
    1996 Gold (Nigeria), Silver (Argentina), Bronze (Brazil)
    2000 Gold (Cameron), Silver (Spain), Bronze (Chile)
    2004 Gold (Argentina), Silver (Paraguay), Bronze (Italy)
    2008 Gold (Argentina), Silver (Nigeria), Bronze (Brazil)
    2012 Gold (Mexico), Silver (Brazil), Bronze (South Korea)
    2016: See Details

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