Hockey Champions Trophy: Past Winners and Records

Since 1978 when the Champions Trophy was started till the Champions Trophy at Bhubaneswar in 2014, on 35 occasions Champions Trophy have been played. Germany won the 2014 Championships while Australia has won in 2016 and 2018 Champions Trophy. Australia has reached the semifinal in all the editions except 1996, 2002 and 2004. 14 teams have played in the tournaments so far. Check the list of past winners and other records related to Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy.

2014 Champions Trophy Hockey Fixture and Results

Championships Records

    Australia has appeared on all the 37 championships.
    5 teams have won the Champions Trophy so far.
    8 teams have Lost the final.
    10 Teams have finished fourth
    Belgium, France and Malaysia are the only teams to have not reached the semifinal even once.
    Karachi has hosted it the maximum 6 times.
    India has hosted it thrice (Twice in Chennai and once in Bhubaneswar)
    New Zealand, Malaysia and Spain have also hosted it, besides the regular hosts Pakistan, Australia, Netherlands and Germany.

Winners, Runners up, Semifinalists

    Australia (15), Germany (10), Netherlands (8), Pakistan (3) and Spain (1).

Runners up

    Australia (10), Germany (7), Pakistan (7), Netherlands (6), India (2), Spain (2), Great Britain (2), South Korea (1)

3rd Position

    Netherlands (9), Pakistan (7), Germany (7), Australia (5), Spain (3), Great Britain (2), South Korea (2), India (1), Argentina (1)

4th Position

    Netherlands (7), Pakistan (7), India (7), Australia (3), Germany (2), and Spain (2), Great Britain (3), South Korea (2), New Zealand (2), Argentina (1), Soviet Union (1)

Team Appearances in 37 Champions Trophy
14 Teams have played in 37 editions of Champions Trophy. France and Belgium are the only team to have not entered the semifinal.

    37 Australia
    35 Netherlands
    36 Germany
    33 Pakistan
    24 Great Britain
    16 India
    12 South Korea
    7 New Zealand, Argentina
    5 Soviet Union
    4 Belgium
    2 Malaysia
    1 France

Top Four Positions of Champions Trophy
1=Winner, 2=Runners up, 3= 3rd position, 4=4th position

Year Venue 1 2 3 4
1978 Pakistan Pakistan Australia Great Britain New Zealand
1980 Pakistan Pakistan Germany Australia Netherlands
1981 Pakistan Netherlands Australia Germany Pakistan
1982 Netherlands Netherlands Australia India Pakistan
1983 Pakistan Australia Pakistan Germany India
1984 Pakistan Australia Pakistan Great Britain Netherlands
1985 Australia Australia Great Britain Germany Pakistan
1986 Pakistan Germany Australia Pakistan Great Britain
1987 Netherlands Germany Netherlands Australia Great Britain
1988 Pakistan Germany Pakistan Australia Soviet Union
1989 Germany Australia Netherlands Germany Pakistan
1990 Australia Australia Netherlands Germany Pakistan
1991 Germany Germany Pakistan Netherlands Australia
1992 Pakistan Germany Australia Pakistan Netherlands
1993 Malaysia Australia Germany Netherlands Pakistan
1994 Pakistan Pakistan Germany Netherlands Australia
1995 Germany Germany Australia Pakistan Netherlands
1996 India Netherlands Pakistan Germany India
1997 Australia Germany Australia Spain Netherlands
1998 Pakistan Netherlands Pakistan Australia South Korea
1999 Australia Australia South Korea Netherlands Spain
2000 Netherlands Netherlands Germany South Korea Spain
2001 Netherlands Germany Australia Netherlands Pakistan
2002 Germany Netherlands Germany Pakistan India
2003 Netherlands Netherlands Australia Pakistan India
2004 Pakistan Spain Netherlands Pakistan India
2005 India Australia Netherlands Spain Germany
2006 Spain Netherlands Germany Spain Australia
2007 Malaysia Germany Australia Netherlands South Korea
2008 Netherlands Australia Spain Argentina Netherlands
2009 Australia Australia Germany South Korea Netherlands
2010 Germany Australia England Netherlands Germany
2011 New Zealand Australia Spain Netherlands New Zealand
2012 Australia Australia Netherlands Pakistan India
2014 India Germany Pakistan Australia India
2016 United Kingdom Australia India Germany Great Britain
2018 Netherlands Australia India Netherlands Argentina

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