Hockey World Cup 2018: Belgium and Netherlands Favorite, But Pakistan is Always Dangerous

Belgium and Canada are making 6th appearance in Men’s Hockey World Cup, where Netherlands and Pakistan are two of the most successful teams sharing 7 titles, 12 finals, and 16 semifinals between them. But, while Belgium finished 5th in 2014 Hockey World Cup, Pakistan did not appear. Belgium is third seed, while Netherlands is 4th seed. Even in Hockey World Cup 2018, both finished 2nd with 2 wins each, while Pakistan and Canada lost two matches each. In current perspective for the crossover mathes, there is no comparison but the Red Lions and Dutch would be wary of this World Cup full of upsets. In World Cup Pakistan won both times, while recently Belgium defeated them twice. Canada is yet to win at major tournament against Netherlands.

Matches for Crossover

    Belgium vs Pakistan
    Netherlands vs Canada

What’s at Stake!
A place in quarterfinal where India awaits winner of Netherlands vs Canada and Germany awaits winner of Belgium vs Pakistan.

Performances of All Four Teams in 2018 Hockey World Cup

Belgium vs Pakistan
at World Cup

    1973 Pak won 2-0 Pool A
    2002 Pak won 3-2 Pool A

Champions Trophy
2018 Belgium def Pak 4-2 Pool
2018 Belgium def Pak 2-2 (3-2) For 5th place

Netherlands vs Canada
At World Cup

    1998 Netherlands def Canada 3-1 Pool A
    2010 Netherlands def Canada 6-0 Pool A

2016 Olympics Netherlands def Canada 7-0

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