If Proven Guilty, Should Kalmadi & Co be treated as anti-nationals!!

Hyderabad, India: The Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi appears to be in shambles. Mr. Kalmadi is yet to come clear of any of the many allegations raised against his committee’s shameful preparation of the Games.It is clear that Mr. Kalmadi has not done everything in the right way, as even PM has stepped in now. We wish, he still delivers a very successful and harmless Games and becomes a hero of nation. His being zero will tarnish India’s rising reputation. The Buck will stop on Kalmadi only, but how!! If all charges are proved againt Kalmadi and others in bringing disrepute to India, will they be tried as antinationals!!

Suresh Kalmadi, President of Indian Olympic Committee and the key person responsible for the Commonwealth Games 2010, has so far termed people criticising the games preparation as anti-national, has followed his own dictat so far on answering allegations of corruption worth many crores, and absolutley not-a-worthy preparation of the games that puts India’s pride low in front of the World. He has maintained one line, “The Buck Stops with me.” But, when allegations are almost proven against people directly under his nose, he just says that he will take action against them, as they are involved, not he despite the reports claiming that he has been the signatory in most of such decisions which are under questions. Now, he says I will not resign and give a successful game to the nation.

The primary issue appearing out of his comments is that he appears to have considered himself above India’s pride. Despite involvement of millions of money on the games, which has even shocked the current Indian Sports Minister who claimed amount spent is at least 17 times higher than the quote, Kalmadi has failed all deadlines of preparation. With just less than 2 months to go, the ready stadiums are crumbling, the advertisers are running away, the broadcast deals are coming under scrutiny, all investigating agencies are flexing their muscles against irregularities reportedly committed under Kalmadi’s nose, most of them in his knowledge.

Another issue is that he is failing to understand that everyone knows getting his head is not the right solution now. But, salvaging India’s pride is the core mission. If Kalmadi could just cooperate in finding a quick-fix solution for his blunders that has put India’s reputation under question, everyone will be more than happy. He can still be a hero. But, sitting over an organising committee handling an event stuffed with record amount running into millions, he just wants all to believe whatever he has done is the right thing for Nation’s pride. If the stadiums inaugrated after delays, and prepared after spending much more money that it generally takes, leaks in first rain, it is not his fault. If his deputy forges documents or services providers it is not his fault. Whose fault is it then!!

Obviously, the fault lies in the system which lets people like him rein and play with India’s pride on the name of sports or welfare or any other thing. If the Commonwealth Games does not become a success, if there are casualties, if there are such mishaps which are not not meant to happen in an international event, will Kalmadi take responsibility for that? Probably not. Again the buck will be passed to someone.

Why can not people playing openly with India’s pride be tried under being involved in anti-national activities law? There are terrorists, there are extremists, there are many such insiders too who project India in poor light, and in this case, by taking money of Indian Government which comes through tax payers. If Kalmadi will be proven guilty and punished appropriately is a question which may receive the answer in 5-10 years or more, considering the slow pace of action of Indian system.

The bigger question is, if he is proven guilty, can the Indian Government will put him and all other involved in brnging disrepute to India on the name of organising Commonwealth Games under anti-national activities bracket and punish them accordingly? Or will it be just another case of giving some milder punishment.

Before starting any case against CWG 2010 organising, if Kalmadi can not deliver as he still promises, it should be considered that it is not just about millions of money or scams and irregularities, it is about shattering India’s good reputation in the World, the affect of which will be felt for years to come.

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