Inaugural Asian Men Hockey Champions Trophy: Match Results

The first Asian Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy organized 18 matches to decide the winner. 15 matches were played at the pool stage. India played 3 draws out of the 4 drawn games at the pool stage. Classification matches, including the final decided the ranks of the 6 teams. Here is the complete result of classification and pool matches.

India is the Winner
Tournament Factfile
Points Table

Classification Matches Result

Date Winner Loser Match Score
11 Sept India Pakistan Final 4-2 (Shoot Out)
11 Sept Malaysia Japan 3rd 1-0
11 Sept Korea China 5th 2-1

Pool Matches
Each team played 5 matches in the pool and the top two qualified for the finals.

Date Team Team Result Score
3 Sept. Korea Japan Kor won 3-2
3 Sept. India China Ind won 5-0
3 Sept. Pakistan Malaysia Pak won 3-2
4 Sept India Japan Draw 1-1
4 Sept. Korea Malaysia Kor won 4-3
4 Sept. Pakistan China Pak won 4-1
6 Sept. Malaysia China Mal won 4-2
6 Sept. Japan Pakistan Jap won 3-1
6 Sept. India Korea Ind won 5-3
7 Sept. India Malaysia Draw 2-2
7 Sept Japan China Jap won 3-1
7 Sept Pakistan Korea Pak won 3-2
9 Sept. India Pakistan Draw 2-2
9 Sept. Korea China Draw 1-1
9 Sept. Malaysia Japan Mal won 3-2

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